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A security guard at the mall in Tacoma, WA makes 32K per year. I want add that every guard can not earn this amount depend on skill. Skill guard can do that. if you there anyone want know training module and cost about that you can search in Google by Universal Training Academy!

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Q: How much do security guards make?
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How much do security guards make a year?

very little. prison guards in the US however make a ton.

How much does security guards cost?

It really depends on the event or the need of the security guard. You can get more details at

Do colleges offer security guards services?

Colleges most certainly offer security guards services. Pretty much any major institution or company should and most likely will have security guards services.

How much do security guards get paid?

it depends on what your guarding

Rules or regulations applying to security guards from the Ontario statute regulating security guards?

rules or regulations applaying to security guards from the Ontario statute regulating security guards

How much do armed security guards make?

visit for info based on area, experience, education, etc.

How much does armed security cost?

The cost for armed security guards will vary depending on what, where, when and how they are protecting. An armed security guard working for Brinks may make $75,000 a year, again depending where they work.

How much do security guards make in forked river NJ?

visit for info based on area, experience, education, etc.

How much money do cruise lines security make?

Security guards that work on cruise lines, can make as much as $20,000 per trip. This can depend wholly on the cruise line, and what the job of the person is. How many people are on the ship can change this as well.

How much do private security guards get paid?

minimum wage into forming to falange!

Did securicor guards ever carried guns?

Some security guards have- and do- carry guns. Going back to the days of stage coach guards "riding shotgun", bank guards, armored car guards. The security guards at nuclear plants today are armed. SOME security guards are not armed. The answer to your question would be "Maybe".

Can security guards be in international union?

Yes,security guards can be in international union.This will help to have a better value,respect.

How much do prison guards make?


How much does it costs for a security guard?

TO get a security guard it reall varies from event to is more information with exact detail.

What is the plural form of security guard?

Really!? Security Guards

What rhymes with security guards?

hard rhymes with guard but i dont know about guards

Why must security guards rotate?

Security guards will become familiar with clients and staff after some time, which often leads to not adhering to security controls, resulting in favouritism or can even make them prone to bribery after some time. Regular rotation keep them at their best. PJB

Can a security officer arrest a suspect for any misdemeanor that has been committed in his view or presence?

Most security guards do not have powers of arrest - only those sworn as law enforcement officers do, which would make them privatized police, and not security guards. As for powers of detention, it varies greatly between agencies and properties they secure. Guards at a nuclear power plant can detain - mall security typically cannot.

How much can I expect to earn as a security guard ?

The salary for a security guard varies by company. However, most full time security guards can expect to start at $25,000 a year

Are security guards allowed to carry guns?

A typical security guard is not allowed to carry a gun. There are security guards that carry guns, but they must get additional permits and training for this. Guards without guns can do what is called a private arrest. Security guards with guns generally work for the government, military, casinos or some other money bearing entity.

Are there security guards in hospitals?

Yes. Most hospitals have a security force.

What is security guard creed tagalog?

security guards reedtagalog translation

i am right now in Afghanista kandahar security guards supervisor i looking for next any copany security job ?

i have avob 6 years expearience in Afghanistan about the security guards.

How to Obtain the Qualifications for a Rewarding Career in Security?

Security guards are responsible for patrolling private property to protect against vandalism, theft, fire and trespassing. Some security guards work at night, on the lookout for trespassers. Other security guards work during the day, preventing shoplifting and protecting customers and staff within offices and stores. Some security guards provide mobile patrol services, while other guards sit behind desks, where they monitor traffic coming into and out of a facility, or monitor security camera footage. Usually, anyone can obtain a position as a security guard. However, a high school diploma is usually required. However, some employers require that security guards hold a criminal justice degree. There are also formal classes security guards can take which are often paid for by the employer. Most states require that a security guard obtain a license by passing a background check and receiving classroom training in property rights, criminal suspect detention and emergency procedures. Security guards often need to pass regular drug tests to remain licensed. Employers usually train security guards, but not always. Armed security guards receive much more training than unarmed security guards because employers are legally responsible for the use of force. Guards usually need a thorough understanding of the laws pertaining to the use of force and must also be periodically tested for the proper use of firearms. Guards also sometimes receive training in public relations, report writing, first aid, protection and crisis deterrence. The extent of training is often based on the amount of security that the particular organization needs. Entry-level salaries for security guards can be as low as $10,000 a year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that security guards earned a median hourly wage of $11.50 in 2010. The highest 10 percent earned over $19.83 an hour. Security guards that are promoted to the position of supervisor tend to earn the most, as well as armed security guards. Some security guards choose to start their own security agencies, where the potential for high earnings is the greatest.

How many security guards are in the white house?

there is exactly 824 security guards. there is 2 guards at every door and there is 412 doors so that times 2 is eight hundred twenty four!!