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How much do silly bandz cost at Walgreens?


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Silly Bandz are $2.99 for a regular pack of 12 Silly Bandz in a pack. Sometimes, they are $4.99 if the Silly Bandz pack has 24 Silly Bandz in the pack, if the Silly Bandz are Glow in the Dark, or if the Silly Bandz are Tie Dye.

1 pack of silly bandz cost=$1 2 packs of silly bandz cost=$2 3 packs of silly bandz cost=$3 And so on and so on

50 for $5i LOVE silly bandz!

Silly bands cost $2.00 if you go to Walmart

Silly bands usually cost about 5.00 at Walgreen's

They usually cost around $1.

About 4$. on eBay you can get 144 for 13.99

The silly bandz at walmart are only $2.00.

They cost £200 pound per silly band. so altogether they will cost you your arm and leg then they will eat you

phionex silly bandz are as much as regular silly bandz. u can only buy them in the fantasy pack.

well they cost about $2.50 for each pack but they have 12 silly bands per pack

to be honest with everyone that's on i love silly bandz so much and i have a whole collection of them but the sad thing is silly bandz are not that strong so make sure u don't strecth silly bandz too much because it might fall apart and when you play with silly bandz too much it can break easily and if your wondering you can find silly bandz at walmart, paayless, buget saver really anywhere

Everything costs one dollar at Dollar Tree.

for 24 5.99 for 12 3.99 but it also depends on were you buy them but most likely what i said before.

On-line shipping would be about $6.00 for an average 12 pack of tie dye Silly Bandz. For regular pack of Silly Bandz, about $1.99 if they're on sale, and $2.99 if they aren't.

silly bandz are 2.49 at Walgreen's do not go to cvs because they do not sell silly bandz there i don't know why but they just don't sell them that's when they are on sale for 2.49 but regularly it would be about 2.60 cent.

Probably around 12 dollars because 24 cost about 7.

usually places sell them for 5.00 not counting tax but at walmart they are 1.00

depends on the rarity or coundition

usually it costs 5.00 for a 24 pack at some places you can get a 12 pack for 1.00

Depends on were you buy them. They're normally only 5.95 to 10 dollars. But again it depends on the store.

$3.00 a pack. They sell them at alot of places.

$1.00-$4.00 that is the price at the Walgreen's I go to!

silly banz at Walgreen's are about $5 for a pack of 24. for a pack of twelve i's about 2$.

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