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how the hell am i sapose to know? im just a kid trying to do a project

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Q: How much do telephone operators earn?
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How much do plant operators earn in South Africa?


How much does heavy equipment operators earn?

Working for the highway department in Columbus Ohio, I get paid $20.43

Did telephone operators use roller skates?


Who were the Hello Girls and what did they do in the World War 1?

The 'Hello Girls' were bilingual telephone switchboard operators in a Signal Corps Female Telephone Operators Unit . ~ see related link below .

How much do follow spot operators earn?

It depends on the employer, but many are paid union wage according to a contract with the particular venue.

How many people are employed as telephone operators in the US?

There are approximately 3000 people employed as telephone operators in the United States. They are spread out among the top phone companies, and maintain the network and take operator calls.

Who invented the word 'hello'?

telephone operators invented the word 'hello'.

What is a good weight loss team name for telephone operators?


What nicknames were used for German helmets?

Telephone Operator's Helmet was the nickname it was given because it was also used by Field Telephone Operators.

What is another name for a telephone operator?

Telephone operators used to be called switch girls. That is probably not politically correct so "switch persons" would be the proper way to say it today.

How much do crane operators earn in a year?

They make around 24 dollars an hour or 50,000 dollars a year. There is no formal education required for this job.

What do Disney pest control operators earn?

I'm pretty sure not a lot.

How much money can earn owner truck driver?

owner operators earn about 90 cent a mile if you own your own truck. Some companies might want you to pay for your own gas it depends on the company you work for

How much money does a advertisement designer earn?

Pay for advertisement designers varies.advertisement designers starting out as Mac operators can expect to earn around $35,000 a year.advertisement designers with a few years' experience in the industry can earn from $37,000 to $80,000, depending on their experience, ability and the region they work in.

How much do Nissan auto workers make per hour?

At the Nissan plant in Sunderland United Kingdom the operators earn around £10 per hour

Are there any operator jobs in Ottawa Ontario?

There are many jobs available in Ottawa, Ontario for operators. The availability is open to all operators, albeit telephone, heavy crane, oil rig, etc.

What is telephone inquiries?

A place where you can inquire about other people's or company's telephone number. You may tell the the number and they give you a name. There are operators working there but the data is usually given to you by a machine.

How much tower crane operators make an hour?

crane operators get 75 dollars an hour

How much does a crane operator earn in the state of Minnesota?

Most crane operators make close to $28 per hour. The amount will vary depending upon their experience and the certifications that they hold.

How many digits are there in an American telephone number?

11 counting the 1 or 0 for long distance or operator but 0 is not used much anymore no operators really available 1-222-333-1234

how much does a telephone book weight?


How much do professional boxers earn a fight?

how much does i headliner professinal boxer earn? how much does i headliner professinal boxer earn? how much does i headliner professinal boxer earn? how much does i headliner professinal boxer earn?

How much do acoountants earn?

How much do accountants earn

What are the parts of a telephone message sheet?

A telephone message sheet would contain such information as:- Date, Time, Caller's name, Caller's number & Brief message. Sometimes they include a space for the operators signature.

How much does a property appraiser earn?

How much does an apprasier earn?