Little People Big World Reality Series

How much do the Roloffs get paid for doing 'Little People Big World'?

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2010-01-19 00:08:36


They are compensated well for the show. All you have to do is

watch it eg. at least 5 vacations a year, tractors, excavator,

bulldozer, house remodel, house extension, antique cars lots of

them, swimming pools and lots more. Do you honestly think that a 34

acre farm could support all this? They say Matt was so great at his

software sales job and made great income from it the truth is they

fired him for being a useless salesman. Then there is the extra

income Matt and Amy do motivational speeches Matt gets $7500 for

every speech Amy's patrons pay $40/person. Then what about the in

show advertising eg. wii, screw drivers, paintball gear and many

more. Matt is advertising for Viking pools on youtube as well. On

top of all this they more than likely get paid a lump sum per

episode. Answer

I would have to say yes. who in their right mind would go

through what they do, and show what they show and not get paid

(opinion only). Think about it is Matt and Amy RICH? who pays for

all the projects Matt starts but never seems to finish? most people

have a hard just making the basic payment on their credit cards but

the Roloffs seem to be able to do more than the average family; it

would be interesting to know their credit score because they have

to have the highest that one can get in order to get the money to

do the things they do.


Without a doubt. On top of that, all the paid promotions they

get only adds to their return. It's not hard to see all the product

placement in the shows, ... some of which can add up to be a lot,

like their vehicle that drives them around the farm -- they

definitely got that gratis, that's why you'll always hear them

mention it or see a full logo shot. Matt Roloff sure loves Crispix

and the Twins love Mt Dew... i wonder if they get free Crispix

& Mt Dew?

One WikiAnswerers Opinion

I would say between 50,000 and 60,000 per episode.

A boatload of coin!! In fact they say that Matt can buy a new kind

of tractor every week if he wanted to! It is also rumored that

since he and his wife go to Maui every other week, he may just buy

the island. Let me tell you this: Those pumpkins they sell must go

for about 18 dollars a pound.

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