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Q: How much do the emperor angelfish weigh?
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Related questions

Is an emperor angelfish an angelfish?

The emperor angelfish, Pomacanthus imperator, is a species of marine angelfish.

What kinds of predators eat emperor angelfish?

Larger fish eat emperor angelfish.

What is the average weight of an emperor angelfish?

The average weight of an emperor angelfish is 2 pounds.

How much do angelfish weigh?

Depending on the size of an angelfish, it may weigh a few grams to about nearly two kilograms. The two kilogram size is quite unusual.

How much do angefish weigh?

A Queen Angelfish can get up to 3.5 lbs

Is the Emperor angelfish endangered?

No, it is not

How much do adult emperor penguins weigh?

they weigh about 5kg

Where are Emperor Angelfish found?

in the ocean

How much does an Emperor penguin egg weigh?

i have no idea how much an emperor penguin egg weighs

How much do big penguins weigh?

Emperor Penguins can weigh about 90 pounds.

Are emperor angelfish decomposers producers or consumers?


What eats an Emperor angelfish?

pilot whales and squid

How have emperor angelfish adapted to the red sea?

because they do it

How big does emperor angelfish grow?

40cm (15.7")

What is the scientific name of the Emperor angelfish?

Pomacanthus imperator

How much does a grown emperor penguin weigh?

as much as a 3rd grader

How much do Emperor Penguins usually weigh?


What special adaptations do the emperor Angelfish have to help it succeed in its environment?

The emperor Angelfish has special adaptations that have helped it succeed in its environment. One of the adaptations is the bright color and also has the ability to emit poison for its protection.

Is emperor angelfish a vertebrate or an invertebrate?

They are vertebrate due to their backbone

What does an Emperor angelfish eat?

Emperor angelfish can be found in coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian oceans, and have been reported off the coast of Hawaii. This fish is omnivorous, eating both small invertebrates and plants. It prefers sponges and algae.

What is the emperor angelfish?

It is a species of marine angelfish. It is a reef-associated fish, native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

How much does an emperor penguin weigh?

Adult Emperor Penguins get up to around 75 pounds (35 kilograms).

Are Emperor angelfish freshwater fish?

nope sorry that's a saltwater fish!

How Much Does an baby Emperor Penguin Weigh?

5kilos :D

Is the Angelfish the same as the Queen Angelfish?

No it is not, as you can see, the queen angelfish is much more colourful. The angelfish is just black and white. Except for the male, it is colourful but not as colourful as the queen angelfish.