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How much do used cars cost now?

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From about 10,000 and less

unless you are buying a Porsche or some car like such, in that case it would be around 30,000

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What is different about the cars in England and America?

Not much now. We drive on the other side so the steering wheel is on the right. We never had the larger cars that the US used to have but now cars in the US are much more similar.

How much does a 2010 Saturn Aura cost?

There is no 2010 Saturn Aura. The Aura's last year of production was in 2009. The Saturn company is no longer making any new cars, and are now only selling used cars.

How much did cars cost in the 1920's?

a whole lot less than they do now a whole lot less than they do now

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Cost of Used XboxAs of Nov, 2013, the cost of a used, 8gb Xbox right now looks to be $62.

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How much did a car cost in 1933?

Years ago, the price of things like houses and cars were not as high as they are now. In 1933, the cost of a Plymouth 6 car was $445.

How much does a mercury montego cost?

According to MotorTrend, a 2007 Mercury Montego's resale value is now priced at $11,093. A 2006 Mercury Montego consumer resale value is now $9,807. They are inexpensive used cars one can purchase.

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Unsure what they worth now but mine cost me £800 with the signature. Had it a while so might be worth a lot more now.

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The price varies because they would be used

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Right now, The Moeller M200G is as close to a hover car that you can get. It is not classified as aircraft, but as a recreation device, which means no license is required to opperate one. They cost 90,000 to 125,000 each.

Why do people now use sand on icy roads instead of salt?

Salt was first used to get rid of ice and snow. Salt costs more to use. Sand however, does not cost as much ,and it gives cars and people more traction.

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not very much. there was one i saw for only $80 and it wasn't used. so second hand ps2's musn't be very much at all.

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How much did things cost in 1840 England and how much does it cost today?

In the 1840s of England things cost about 3.00 now they cost about 15.00

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