How much do welders earn?

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My dad has been a welder for 30 years..he makes 22 dollars an hour in WV.
Union welders make 30 to 40 an hour plus they get get paid about 13 for their welding machine. a union book may cost about 4 to 8 thousand dollars though. They are always away from home. Not a good life for a married man.

This kind of pay is for a pipeline welder, however, a union pipefitter, depending on which part of the country can make from 25 an hour to 46 an hour. Sometimes, per diem is involved, but not likely. If you are married try not to travel so far so you can come home on the weekend. Some people work for specialty welding contractors which will make 43or more an hour and from 125 per diem to 225 and 250 a day, plus you have a pension in which you contribute, health insurance tha is usually great, not just good, training in everything welding that's available in the industry.
It depends on the type of welder. It also depends on whether you are working in a shop or on the road traveling. The average structural welder in a shop in Oklahoma makes around $17 an hour. The average pipe or vessel welder in Tulsa makes between $22 and $29 an hour. I own a recruiting company for welders in Tulsa (Ert Quality Solutions) and that is where these numbers come from.
Normally highly skilled welder(ie X-ray welder ), they 2800 Dhs to 3800 Dhs in a month.
a lot depend on how good you are and how far north you will be wiling to go. other than underwater welders which ive heard make like a mil in 5 years but they are only allowed to do it for that period of time

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Q: How much do welders earn?
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How much do welders earn in Manitoba?

Welders in Manitoba earn an average of $22 an hour. This varies depending on experience and who they work for.

How much do boilermaker welders earn?

We Almost Earn 200 A Hour

How much do welders earn in the UK?

Welders with experience and specialized training can earn anywhere from $15 to $30 an hour and extra with overtime. Read more:

How much do combination welders earn yearly?


How much do offshore welders earn yearly?


How much do underwater welders earn monthly?


How much do bike welders earn?

Bike welders earn about the same as normal welders. The pay scale can range from 20 dollars an hour up to 30 dollars an hour, not including overtime.

How much do rig welders earn?

45.00 to75.00 an hour

How much do pipe welders earn hourly?


How much do welders earn in Fort McMurray?

Welders earn between 20 and 30 dollars an hour. This depends on experience and whether they have their own business or not. Welders also usually have the opportunity to work overtime.

How much on average do welders earn?

Skilled welders are always in demand and so are worth the money they earn. However, the average wage for welders is highly dependent on where they are. For instance, according to Pay Scale, in the United States welders can earn anywhere from $13 per hour to as much as $25 per hour. In Canada, an experienced welder can earn upwards of $50 per hour.

How much do welders earn in South Africa?

On an hourly basis, welders earn about R 49.81 in South Africa. With experience, this amount can rise to as much as R 99.26 per hour.

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