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How much do you get if you trade a gamecube at gamestop and 50 games?


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2009-04-26 15:59:29
2009-04-26 15:59:29

Probably a litle over $100

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Not much, but it depends on what games they are and how many of them they have in stock.

Most GameCube games retail these days for between $20-40 at places like GameStop.

It would not even be $10. Keep your games.

gamecube stuff is discontinued at gamestop, youll have to go to pawn 1 or something

A gamecube costs 20 dollars at gamestop

Ask your local GameStop. They will know.

at gamestop they are 29.99.

gamecube right now is 30 bucks NT includin tax i might buy one too

10-40 dollars, it depends on the the condition it is in and what Gamestop you go to.

You can get them at GameStop/EB GAMES for $20 USD. If you have a Nintendo Wii you can just use your Gamecube Games in that. Just put them in like you would a Wii Game. Thanks for using Answers!

most gc games at gamestop are now 2-10 dollars depending on age and condition gamestop doesnt sell much gc games anymore i recommend amazon to buy gc games :)

About 12.00 USD store credit. GameCube is now an outcast, kicked out by the Wii.

it depends what the the game and how rare it is .as for the console it depends on what it is worth is hard to Say's stores to not give you money.instead they give you store credit

you cant acctually sell games to gamestop, you have to trade them in. if you do you get a 30% discount on any game you want for nds

60$ which plus tax is 65 but you can get it for 20$ at gamestop if you trade in some games from their list. Got to gamestop for their list

I was told by a gamestop employee that you would get about $40

for gamecube it is about $10-$20 but gamestop has it cheapest

GameStop does not fix games. They buy, sell and trade games, but since they get the games from companies like Nintendo, Activision, and EA, they don't know anything about how they are made or how they are fixed.

three places gamestop: don't take xbox any more gamecube:$8 gamecrazy: xbox:$16 gamecube:$10 gamemaster: xbox:$10 gamecube:$6

Not sure, I think 50$ - 99$ You can buy one at Gamestop for about $30

Call your local Gamestop. Or check on eBay with their little tool that checks the value, average selling price, for your gamecube.

Maybe 5$...but I don't even know if they take Gamecube games anymore, since they don't distribute them anymore.

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