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Minimum will vary from one place to another. How much you get paid depends on the hourly rate, number of hours, and the taxes that are withheld from your check.


Well, when minimum wage was first introduced in the 1930s as part of the New Deal it was 25 cents/hour and the work week was 44 hours, so a weekly check (before deductions) was $11.00

The current minimum wage is $7.25/hour (some states are higher) and the work week is 40 hours, so a weekly check (before deductions) is $290.00

Deductions will depend on the W-4 you gave your employers and other things, they reduce the actual amount of the check as written.


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No. Minimum wage is just what it says, the minimum. They can control how much you make by limiting the number of hours you work, but they have to pay minimum wage.

Here are 3 examples:He earns minimum wage at work.What is the minimum for this?In 2007 the minimum wage was $5.15.

minimum wage varies per state, but the federal min wage [if you work on a military base or for the government this is what they go on] is $9.15

I work there. I know that cashier pay is minimum wage.

Most McDonald's workers start out at minimum wage.

minimum wage -.- I recommend that you don't work in a vet, and be a prostitute. Minimum $100/hr.

It depends on how long you have worked there, how well you work, and what the minimum wage is in your state.

I work at Pet Valu and I have made minimum wage for four years.

Minimum wage isn't based on age. It's based on the state you work in.

i have been working at kroger for minimum wage. (7.25 an hour) for five months. you start off at minimum wage and work your way up the pay grade

I work at Arby's and I make minimum wage. 8 dollars an hour.

You do a lot of work for barely over minimum wage. You better love what do.

Mostly minimum wage. Wages are determined by the franchisee of the location. In California, where I work, the wages are frozen so everyone can only make minimum wage no matter how long you work there.

Burger King will hire employees to work for them at whatever the minimum wage is in that area. This will fluctuate since every state has a different minimum wage they have to follow.

The federal minimum wage in 2013 is planned to increase for $9 for an hour. The wage varies according to the departments they work from $1000 to $10000.

In Barcelona, the minimum wage is 2.68 euro an hour for an eight-hour day. Barcelona is considering freezing its minimum wage which equals 21.51 euro for an eight hour work day.

The minimum wage in Philippines when converted to US dollars is $.73, and this refers to a 40 hour work week. Minimum wage workers in the country make roughly 1,515 per year.

Minimum wage is not determined by age, but the type of work done. If you are 50 and working at McDonalds you and the 20 year old working next to you make the same wage. Minimum wage is 7.50 to 8.00 an hour.

According to some economic models when unemployment rises more people become willing to work for less money so the minimum wage can drop without much opposition.

It depends on where the janitors work. Janitors usually don't get much over minimum wage.

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