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How much do you have to make a week to live on your own?

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well it all depends on how horny ur land lord is

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How much do most barbers in the US make?

If the barber has his own business, he can make about $500-800 a week.

How much money do you make a week for cosmetologist?

The average amount a cosmetologist earns is around 37,000 dollars. If you have your own chair or your own business, you can make much more. This position earns more in large cities than smaller ones.

How to make your hair grow in a week Please help?

There is really no way to make your hair grow in a week. Hair will grow on its own time.

How old is an otter pup before it can live on its own?

It has to be only 1 week old.

How much money does a vetrinarian make?

A vetrinarian can make between 80,00$ and 130,000$ depending on: where you live, if you own your clinic and what type of vet. are you i hoped this helped!

Can you make your own apartment on Xbox live?


How much does a transmission rebuild technician make?

Now a rebuild technician starting pay is 1000 a week. But to answer how much you can make if you have your own transmission business?? I'm not going to say because I would rather keep that information to myself..

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well there is not a website to make your own trash packs. for about a week you could, but now you can't. Sorry!

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Do you mean a Windows Live ID?

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Eagles don't make their own food they catch their food live and then kill it.

How much money is it to rent a Playstation 3?

Rent to own are $7-10 a week

How do you make your own webisite?

i used office live a simple way to make a website and own it, you can find many other ways to make a website.

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Can you make your own avatar without Xbox live?

No. yes

What is the best way to wean off of Lexapro?

It's important to work with your doctor on this and they know how much to eliminate from week-to-week. DON'T DO THIS ON YOUR OWN!

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on average owls will eat twice their own body weight in just one week

How long can you live only drinking your urine?

If you drink only your own urine it is almost just water so you will only live about a week or so. You can't live off of it.

How do you make a sim teen live on its own?

Go onto the computer and click on "find own place" this should make them move out.

Can you live on your own collecting disability?

Wouldn't it depend on how much you get?

What is the example of a animal that cannot make its own food?

ALL animals are "consumers" (they can not make their own food) The ONLY organisms that can make their own food are the plants there are the "producers". Consumers live on Producers.

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How much does a hair specialist make?

Not much. Only if you own a salon.

How old do you have to be to make your own decisions?

It depends on the state (or country) you live in and what decisions you are wanting to make.

In the Ohio how old do you have to be to make your own decision to live with your Dad?

You have to be 18.