How much do you make in footlocker?

I used to work at Foot Locker and the pay scale is different now. The pay scale is based on the cost of living in that City/State. For example, when I began working again in 2006 in NC I was making $5.15/hr even though before I left FL, I was making $6.25/hr. Anyway, I got that hourly pay + a 1% commission on all things sold. When it comes to the paycheck, the company will pay you either your hourly pay or your commission pay but not both. So which ever pay is higher, that will be the one you get. For example, if the hours you worked x your hourly pay = $300 but based on all you sold, your commission pay is $400, then you get the $400. It can also work another way too. I moved to CT for a short time and worked there and the pay was different. I was given a raise to $5.40/hr with the commission but if my commission ck was not higher than my hourly, they paid me the minimum wage for that state which is $7.40/hr. I know it sounds crazy b/c I asked well why don't you put my pay in the computer for $7.40/hr instead of $5.40/hr and no one could ever explain it. Basically I always got paid $7.40/hr for all hours worked instead of the $5.40/hr which is what my pay was supposed to be. Hope this helps! :)