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How much do zoo tour guides make yearly?

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What are different types of tour guides?

There arn't any different types of tour guides.

How much does a tour bus driver make yearly?

A tour bus driver makes between $25,000 and $50,000 per year on average. Their salary is based on the company they work for and their experience level.

What are fringe benefits of tour guides?

You get a tour hat.

What jobs are there on mount Fuji?

Tour Guides and Travel Guides

How much does a tour guide earn?

Tour guides on average make anywhere between $9.50 to $12.50 depending on the type of tour guide, area of work, and expertise in the area. Please keep in mind this is just a general guide-line and not a guaranteed wage.

Does travel tourism jobs pay well?

Travel tourism jobs can pay well. It depends if you are a travel agent or a tour guide. Tour guides do not make much, but travel agents usually get bonuses or commission on what they sell.

How much money does an average tour guide make per tour?

How much money a tour guide makes per hour depends on many factors, for example, what country they're working in, the company they work for and the type of tour. In many popular tourist cities, there are free walking tours offered where guides don't make an hourly wage, but instead are compensated in tips from people on the tour. You also have multi-day tours through companies like G Adventures and Intrepid where guides often make a higher lump sum, but are on the clock at all times. In general, the pay for being a tour guide is low, which is why it is important to tip for a job well done.

What is the career ladder of Tour guides?

On club penguin, non-tour guide to tour guide.

What are the average yearly expenses for a PGA tour player IE How much of those winnings do they get to keep?


Does The Great Wall of China have tour guides?


Are tour guides in the Dominican Republic bilingual?


Why would English be useful for tour guides?

Because tour guides have to introduce visitors who come from different countries. Most of travelers use English to communicate each other, so tour guides have to introduce them in English, because we can say that English is an international language or second language.

What The different between tour leader and tour guide?

A tour leader is some one accompanying the whole tour. He/she may not introduce the detailed sceneries or sights, but take general care of accommodation, transportation between locations and communication with tour guides in each stop. A tour guide usually refers to local tour guide, who guide in a specific location. Responsible for arrangements in his city, i.e. meals, local transportation local hotel arrangement, city introduction, and on-site commentary, etc. For a package tour, tour leaders and tour guides are working together to ensure a great sightseeing experience of travelers. For independent travelers, tour guides and tour leaders usually refer to same responsibilities in the destination. Tour Guides reference:

What is local tour guide?

Local tour guides are those tourist guides which know the local languages and are well versed with local places and the culture of that place. They are a big help to the tourists.

Does Mammoth Cave have lights in the cave?

Yes. There are lights on all of the tour routes. The tour guides turn them on and off as a tour moves along a route.

What is a tour guide on Club Penguin?

A tour guide is someone who has been or Club Penguin for 45 days or more. Tour guides help the new players by showing them around the island. Tour guides wear a black and white hat with a question mark on the front of the hat. The hold up a sign that says, "TOURS HERE." To become a tour guide, go to the Ski Village and take the test. Tour guides can be found ANYWHERE in Club Penguin, even though they are supposed to be found in the Ski Village.

How much will roger waters make on the 2010 tour?

Too much

How much money did Michael Jackson's Thriller tour make?

Nothing, he didn't do a Thriller tour.

What jobs are in the travel industry?

There are so many jobs that are in the travel industry. Some of the common ones include tour operators, tour guides, flying, air hostess, travel agencies and so much more.

Is the Tour de France a yearly event?

Pretty much. It's been held eveery year from the star apart from during the world wars.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a tour manager tour guide and tour operator?

Tour managers, tour guides and tour operators are responsible for their clients well being. In addition, it is their responsibility to assure a quality experience handling all details for the experience.

What is the name of the famous yearly french bycle race?

Tour de France

Where to be the safari tour guide?

Try to inquire directly to the safari tour operators, probably they need some tour guides. Find one here:

What is a tour guides environment like?

A tour guide's environment is no different from any other penguin's, except that when wearing their tour guide hat, they me identified and asked to lead a tour by a penguin new to the site.

How much does Lil Wayne make on tour?

20 million

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