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The density of water is 1000 kg/m3 , which is the same as 1 kg/L. So 1 liter of water weighs 1 kg.

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Not true because a kilogram is a measure of mass - NOT of weight. The mass of one litre of water is approx 1 kilogram and ON THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH it would weigh around 9.8 Newtons. On the surface of the moon, it would weight around 1.6 Newtons and in outer space it would be weightless.

Besides, the density of water, at 1 atmosphere has a maximum value of 999.9720 kg/metre3 - near enough, but not quite 1,000.

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Q: How much does 1 litre of water weigh?
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How much does oneliter of water weigh?

1 litre of water = 1 kg

How much does 20 liters of water weigh?

It weighs 20Kg. 1 Litre = 1Kg (Water)

What does 1 liter weigh?

It depends on the density of the substance. A litre of water will weigh exactly one kilogram. A litre of your mother, however, will be much heavier.

How much will 1 liter of water weigh at 25 degrees c?

same as 1 litre of water at 0C

How much does sixty liters of water weigh?

60,000 grams, because 1 milliliter of water weights 1 litre of water should weigh 1 kgso 60 kg

How much would 1 liter of water weigh on the moon?

I litre of water weighs one kilogram on year and would weigh 0.1 kilograms.

How much does 1 liter of melted chocolate weigh?

A litre of water weighs one kilo, so your chocolate will weigh about 1 kilo in weight

How much liter equals to an gram?

A "litre" can weigh different amounts depending on what the litre is comprised of. For example, a litre of water will weigh more than a litre of chocolate mousse (more air in the mousse, but I admit the example's odd)... If you then dissolve a lot of sugar in the litre of water, it will weigh more than it did previously (the volume will also increase a little, some will have to be poured out to retain "1 litre", but it will not weigh what it did originally). So it is not possible to know how much of a litre weighs a gram without knowing what substance the litre is comprised of.

How much does regular water weigh?

1 litre of water has 1 kg of mass. So, on Earth, it weighs 9.8 newtons (2.205 pounds).

How much does a kiloliter weigh?

Depends what it is a Kilolitre of. 1 Litre of water weighs 1 Kg, so 1 Kilolitre of water = 1 M3 = 1000 KG of water = 1 tonne of water. But other substances weigh more or less.

How much do 5 liters of water weigh?

1 litre of water is 35.274 ounces, so 5 is 176.37 ounces - about 11.023 pounds.

How much does 200 liters of water weigh?

1 litre of water is about 2.2 lbs so 2.2 times 200 is about 440 lbs.

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