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eighty-one dollars and twenty-five cents plus sales tax

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How much would it cost for 2 cubic yards of salt pepper rock?

The cost of a cubic yard of salt and pepper rock varies slightly by location. As of 2014, the average price is between 52.00 and 57.00 per cubic yard. Therefore 2 cubic yards costs between 104.00 and 114.00.

Does 3 yards equal 1 cubic yard?

No. A yard is a measure of distance. A cubic yard is a measure of volume. They do not equate. ----------- Answer 2: ----------- No, but some people (including some people who sell soil products) refer to cubic yards as yards (for example: "3 yards of compost will cost you 120$" or "The compost is 40$ per yard.").

What is the cost of sand per cubic foot?

Really depends on your region. Where I'm at bank sand goes for about $100 a load. 12 cubic yards.

What does 810 sq-ft of cement cost?

Square foot doesn't tell you, you need to know cubic footage and then figure how many cubic yards that makes. Cement is sold by the cubic yard.

What is a cubic zirconia necklace?

Cubic Zirconia is a synthesized stone that has relatively low cost and is the leading competitor for diamonds. they are usually colorless but can be made of many colors.

How much does 0.71 cubic yards of river rock cost?

I have a big pile of river rocks and I would like to sell them but I do not know how much they cost. Please, help.

What is a rough cost on a cement slab 30' X 56'?

It would vary with the cost of concrete in your area and how thick the slab would be. I assume by the size that you are building a shop or similar. If so, I would go at least 6" thick. 1 cubic yard at 6" thick covers 6 square yards. So, you will get 6 square yards of concrete out of 1 cubic yard. You have 1680 square feet, divide that by 9 for square yards = roughly 186 square yards. 186 square yards divided by 6 = 31 cubic yards At $110 per yard here in the midwest, it would cost $3410. But, I would figure extra to make sure you had enough when pouring it. Possibly 1 or 1 1/2 yards extra.

How much does crushed limestone cost a yard?

The cost for crushed limestone will depend on where you get it. The average price for a yard of crushed limestone at a landscape supply shop is about $34.

How much would 25856 cubic feet of concrete cost?

25856 / 27 = 958 yards of concrete @ $75 per yard = $71,850

Have driveway 15 feet long 8 feet wide and 9 inches deep if concrete is 30 cubic yard what is cost?

Essentially, you need three and a third cubic yards of concrete to replace that quantity to those measurements - so if the cost of a cubic yard of concrete is 30, multiply it by 3.333 and you get 100

How much does 5 yards of concrete cost delivered?

Where I live, concrete is now $100 per cubic yard, or $500 total. That is for a local delivery.

How much would 40 cubic feet of concrete cost?

40 / 27 = 1.481 yards x $100 = $148.00 + tax. Unfortunately you will have a hard time getting a concrete company to deliver less than 5 yards.

How much to do a 15ft x 8ft x9in slab at 30.00 a cubic yard?

12 inches = 1 foot1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet9 inches = 0.75 foot15 x 8 x 0.75 = 90 cubic ft = 3 and 1/3 cubic yardsI've never ordered concrete. but I suspect they'll charge you for 4 .Cost for 3-1/3 = $100Cost for 4 = $120

How do you calculate cost per cubic inch?

the cost are 1500 dollars by cubic inch for a product. What is the cost per gram for this product

If 1 cubic yard of mulch costs 34.00 how much do 2 cubic feet cost?

Basically, what you will need to do is convert cubic yards to cubic feet, determine the cost per cubic foot, and then multiply by two. One cubic yard is a volume equivalent to the space inside a box that is three feet wide, three feet high, and three feet deep. In other words, it's a cube that measures one linear yard on each edge. Hence, a cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet (3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet). We can then determine the cost of each cubic foot by dividing the price of a cubic yard by 27. So, $34.00 / 27 cu. ft. = $1.26 / cu. ft. (I rounded to the nearest cent.) The cost of two cubic feet, therefore, is 2 x $1.26 = $2.52.

How much concrete square feet cost?

Concrete in the bulk is measured in cubic yards. Concrete on the ground is often measured by square yards, but the depth of the concrete must be known, too. The price per cubic yard varies a lot across the US, plus not knowing the thickness of the concrete means that your question cannot reasonably be answered.

What is the average labor cost to pour concrete per cubic yard?

what is the cost per cubic yard of contrete in place with labor cost

What is the cost of 2 yards of concrete?

double the cost of 1 yard, and twice as less 4 yards...haha

How do you find the cost per one cubic inch?

Find the cost. Find the volume. If necessary, convert to cubic inches. Divide the cost by the volume.

What is the price per ton crushed limestone?

The average cost of a ton of crushed limestone is between $27.50 and $38.20. The cost varies in different areas dependent upon the availability of limestone in that area.

How much does black granite cost per cubic meter?

It depends on the variety of black stone u choose. For stones like black galaxy it may cost around 125 USD per cu. m. venki

How much does a cubic meter of water cost?

It depends on the cost of a gallon of water in your area. However, there are 264.2 gallons in one cubic meter.

How Much Does 20 Square meters Of Concrete Cost?

That is an area measurement, whereas concrete is measured in volume, typically cubic yards in the US. The costs vary widely based on local availiblity of materials and the type of concrete mix. The national average is about $100 for a cubic yard of concrete.

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