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Nothing. The British pay for the Royal Family.

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How much does Australia pay the queen?

it varies but the one thing we are sure about is Australia DOES give the royal family money not noticeably

Who was the first queen of Australia?

The first queen of Australia was Queen Victoria.

When did the first queen of Australia celebrate her first birthday as queen of Australia?

There is no queen of Australia. The Queen who you might call Australia's Queen is more of Britain's queen. So, I reckon it was spent in Britain, unnoticed.

What types of aid does Australia give to others?

We give this much Aid: | |

Is Queen Elizabeth II the head of state of Australia?

Yes. She is the queen of Australia.

Why is the queen's birthday celebrated in Australia?

The Queen of N.Z is also the queen of australia!

Does Australia have a king?

The Queen of England is also the Queen of Australia (as well as the Queen of Canada, The Queen of New Zealand etc). She has a lot of crowns :)

Why is the queen the head of Australia?

Because Australia chose not to become a republic. The queen is head of Australia in Title only.

Why is the Queen head of Australia?

because the queen was born in Australia and her father was king of Australia and so her father passed it on to her

How much riches did queen Isabella give Columbus?


How did Queen Elizabeth feel about losing Canada and Australia?

Her Majesty the Queen remains the Queen of Canada and the Queen of the Commonwealth of Australia.So, to answer your question, probably not that bad.

Should the queen be head of statte for Australia?

Yes the queen should be the head of state of Australia.

Does Australia have a queen?

Yes, it is Queen Elizabeth of Britain

Why is Queen Elizabeth II Queen of Australia?


What other countries is Queen Elizabeth queen of?


What country was Queen Elizabeth in when she became queen?


Where does queen of Australia live?

The Queen of Australia is the same person as the Queen of Britain (but different office) so it would be usually Buckingham Palace

Does western Australia have a queen?

Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of State for all of Australia. The actual government in Western Australia is run by the Premier.

Who is the mornach of Australia?

Australia is part of the Commonwelth and as a result is ruled by Queen Elisabeth II although the Commonwelthdoesn't have much control over the Australian government.

Who is the equal position to the queen in Australia?

No one. the queen is top.

Who is Australians head of state?

Australia is a Monarchy and their head of state is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Australia.

Who represents Queen Elizabeth when she 's not there Australia?

Queen Elisabeth II is represented in Australia by the Governor-General.

What is Dairy Queen called in Australia?

dairy queen in Australian is called dairy queen

Is the Queen of England and Australia the same?

Yes - Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of both.

Who is the official head of state in Australia?

The Queen of Australia, Elizabeth !!.