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How much does Grapes cost?

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The price for grapes vary by the type of grape and the place where they are purchased. When grapes are in season they can range in price of three to five dollars per bag.

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How much does grapes cost per kilo?

grapes cost Php 235 per kilo..

How much do one bag of grapes cost?

$3.50 for a bag of grapes

How much does a bunch of grapes cost?

It deponds on where you live.

How much does a single grape cost?

Half as much as 2 grapes.

Why does grapes cost so much from tesco?

because Tesco is where most grapes come from and they want you to pay more for their freshly grown grapes.

How much did grapes cost in 1998?

10 cents pound

How much do grapes cost per lb?

Price will vary depending on the area and cost of living. In Kentucky, grapes are usually around $1.80 per pound, but the price varies.

How much did the factory liquor cost the main character in The Grapes of Wrath?

A buck.

How much do grapes cost?

they cost 10.50 for 4 bundles1.50 for bundlsfrom chloe anfield perryfields high school

How much do grapes cost per pound in the 1960?

a little bit over 13 cents.

How much does three fourths of a cup of grapes cost?

The answer depends on where in the world and also at what time of the year.

How much of glucose is present in grapes?

How much sugar do grapes have in them

If grapes are 1.70 a pound what will one and a half grapes cost?

what is the half of 1.70

How much did olives and grapes cost in ancient Greece?

about fifteen silver pieces per week (a stalk)

How much iron do grapes have?

In green grapes how much amounts of Iron

What is the cost of grapes?

It all depends on what time of the year and the quality of grapes but they aren't that expencive ;)

How much is a bushel of grapes?

A bushel of grapes is eqaul to 40 pounds of grapes.

How much do grapes cost per pound?

bad ones-$2 good ones-$5.99 average-$4

One kg of grapes costs 1.20 aron picks up a bag containing 2.235 kg of grapesuse benchmark fractions to determine the approximate cost of grapes?

Grapes cost 1.20/kg

How much does a bushel of grapes weigh?

40 pounds of grapes

How much do grapes sell for in FarmVille?

to buy them it cost 85 coins, then when you harvest them in 24-32hours, you get 270 coins in return

If my grapes cost 1.29 per pound how much is this per kg?

1.29 per pound equals 2.84 per kg.

Cost of grapes in the 1930?

$300 per grap seed

How much iron is in red grapes?

3% or less per 15 each grapes

How much sodium do grapes have?


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