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I think it varies by location, but when I tutored with Huntington through an after school program I got paid $40/hr.

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Q: How much does Huntington Learning Center pay its tutors?
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How much money can a Huntington Learning Center make?

quite a bit

How much does sylvan learning center pay?

A tutors salary is 12 dollars an hour. They do not pay very well and there is little room for advancement.

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How much does act prep course cost at Huntington Learning?

It depends on how many points you want to raise your score by. It will probably cost you about 3000 dollars

How much does a Oxford Learning Center tutor cost?

The initial assement for Oxford Learning Center was approx. $200 - My child attends the center for one hour twice a week at cost of $325/per month

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How much does Kumon Learning Center cost?

It costs around$90-$115 a month. Kumon is a really good center... It helps you learn how to do math and reading I happen to be a 4th grader and I am learning algerbra already! I am the head of my class! Stay with Kumon it will make your life so much easier in the future! :)

How much do tutors get paid?

my high school teachers charge $100/hour

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