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Dr. Renda Bouzayen is a fertility specialist located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She- practices at the IWK Health Center. Her office phone number is 902-470-7098. That should be a good start in order to find out the fees for IVF in Nova Scotia. However, before you go that route, I would recommend asking your family doctor or your gynecologist for a referral to her. It may take quite awhile to get in but it's probably worth the wait. Unless you have already consulted with a fertility specialist, it's good to consult her because you may not even need IVF to get pregnant. A lot of the stuff is covered under MSI. The appointment is made for both you and your partner. She will get a detailed medical history and tell you what tests she thinks are necessary. Tests can include blood work to check for hormone levels and a sperm count for your partner. Other more invasive tests may be needed, depending on your situation. Before recommending any costly procedures she will see what is causing your fertility. Sometimes fertility drugs can fix the issue, other times the answer is IVF or some other method. But at least let your MSI coverage take you as far as you can go. You will know where you stand and have a good handle on what you will need to do to get pregnant and how it will affect you financially. I'm sorry I don't know the exact cost, but Dr Bouzayen's office is an excellent resource to find out. When in the office I briefly saw a rate chart that looked like IVF might be 1500.00, but don't quote me on that. Good luck with your search.

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How much does it cost to build a house in Halifax Nova Scotia?

cost of building a home in halifax

How much does an apartment cost in Nova Scotia?

The average cost of an apartment in Nova Scotia varies depending on the specific size of the apartment and location. For example, an apartment in Halifax Nova Scotia is estimated at $300 plus the cost of utilities while an apartment in New Glasgow Nova Scotia will cost approximately twice as much.

How much do Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever's cost?

how much does a nova scotia duck tolling retreiver cost in America

How much does a letter from US to nova scotia cost?

how much postage first class letter from us to nova scotia

How much does a letter cost to send from California to Nova Scotia?


How much does it cost to travel from Nova Scotia to toronto?

it will cost exactlly 49282$ for that one trip

How much are speeding tickets in Nova Scotia?

I just got one and it cost me $279.50!!

How much of Nova Scotia is farm land?


How much will it cost to ship a car from Canada to haiti?

Presumably a lot more from British Columbia than from Nova Scotia.

Is Quebec bigger then Nova Scotia?

Yes, much bigger. Nova Scotia is 21,300 square miles. Quebec is 595,391 square miles.

How much does it cost to get your TL reversed in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada and what is the cost If so is there a payment plan you can make?

If you had your TL done there I suggest the best person to ask is the surgeon who did it in the first place. He/she will be best able to tell you if there is any chance of a successful reversal. It may not be possible depending on the type of operation you had.

On which tectonic plate is Nova Scotia located?

Nova Scotia, along with pretty much all of North America and Greenland, is on the North American plate.

How much snow does nova scotia get?

A lot. Less on the coast.

Legal age for tattoo in Nova Scotia?

much be 19year of age

How much money does a educational assistant make in Nova Scotia?

The average salary for an Educational Assistant is $14.06per hour in Nova Scotia, which is 28% below the national average.

How much does it cost to ship a car from Nova Scotia to Calgary?

between $1500. to $2500. depends on the time of year and if the company is trying to fill a load

Is everywhere accept halifex like a village in Nova Scotia?

No, it is much more urbanized than even New England (excluding Boston). Halifax - 500 000 Sydney - 110 000 Truro- 50 000

How much larger is Manitoba than Nova Scotia?

It is 11.72 times larger.

Is Nova Scotia considered french Canadian?

No, it is very much and English speaking province.

How much does it cost to go by plane to Nova Scotia?

You should check with a travel site or two. The prices depend on where you are flying from and to, as well as date, time, and class of service.

How much tax on 80.00 in nova scotia?

Our tax rate here in Nova Scotia is 15% So the answer to your question is $80 x 0.15 = 12 Therefore the tax on $80 is $12 for a grand total of $92

How many Muslims in Nova Scotia?

I dont know the exact numbers but I would say quite a good number. I live in Halifax and every time on Eid when I go for prayers the whole arena is full and its a pretty big one. Majority concentration would be found in and around Halifax with much smaller numbers in out lying areas.

What is Nova Scotia famous for?

Peggy's Cove is popular as a very scenic tourism location, calendar photo, and for the SwissAir 111 crash off shore there in 1998. However Nova Scotia has much more than that to be famous for - to name just a few: Joe Howe, the father of representative government in North America; Sidney Crosby, the final goal scorer at the 2010 Olympics Gold Medal hockey game; the highest daily tidal change in the world in the Bay of Fundy - up to 50'; Dalhousie University in Halifax; Alexander Graham Bell did much of his work in Cape Breton, NS , most famously inventing the telephone but also for organizing the first powered flight in the British Empire; Samuel Cunard ran his huge steamship line from Nova Scotia; many of the recovered bodies from the Titanic are buried in Nova Scotia; Halifax Harbour and the adjoining Bedford Basin was the staging area for all trans-Atlantic convoys of troops and supplies for both the WWI and WWII effort; it was also the site of the Halifax Explosion during WWI with remnants still visible; Stanfield's Knitting Mills in Truro has supplied long-johns (and other garments) to Canadians for decades; Nova Scotia had the first province-wide, all public safety agency, two-way radio system in North America; and perhaps the most visible famous Nova Scotian is the schooner Bluenose which appears on the obverse of the Canadian dime and has been there for years - and she still sails every summer between Halifax and her home in Lunenburg.

Is nova scotia like a village can a person who is used to a city life go there?

If you are a city girl, you will like Halifax (it is a medium sized city of 500 000). The scenery in NS is gorgeous so maybe you won't be that much of a city girl once you leave ;)

How Much Does a Garbage Man earn in Nova Scotia?

A garbage man can earn an hourly wage of around 20 US dollars in Nova Scotia. The average annual salary for such a position is between 70,000 and 100,000 US dollars.

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