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How much does IVF cost in Halifax Nova Scotia?



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Dr. Renda Bouzayen is a fertility specialist located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She- practices at the IWK Health Center. Her office phone number is 902-470-7098. That should be a good start in order to find out the fees for IVF in Nova Scotia. However, before you go that route, I would recommend asking your family doctor or your gynecologist for a referral to her. It may take quite awhile to get in but it's probably worth the wait. Unless you have already consulted with a fertility specialist, it's good to consult her because you may not even need IVF to get pregnant. A lot of the stuff is covered under MSI. The appointment is made for both you and your partner. She will get a detailed medical history and tell you what tests she thinks are necessary. Tests can include blood work to check for hormone levels and a sperm count for your partner. Other more invasive tests may be needed, depending on your situation. Before recommending any costly procedures she will see what is causing your fertility. Sometimes fertility drugs can fix the issue, other times the answer is IVF or some other method. But at least let your MSI coverage take you as far as you can go. You will know where you stand and have a good handle on what you will need to do to get pregnant and how it will affect you financially. I'm sorry I don't know the exact cost, but Dr Bouzayen's office is an excellent resource to find out. When in the office I briefly saw a rate chart that looked like IVF might be 1500.00, but don't quote me on that. Good luck with your search.