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He weighs about 117 lbs

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Is jeffree star a girl or guy?

Jeffree Star is a guy.

Is jeffree star a man?

Jeffree Star is a man but want's to be known as a woman

Is Jeffree Star really gay?

Jeffree Star is Gay and awesome!

Is jeffree star a girl or a boy?

Jeffree Star is a male.

Is jeffree star transgender?

Jeffree Star is not transgender. He is an androgynous, gay man.

Is Jeffree Star gay or bi-sexual?

Jeffree Star In infact Gay.

Is jeffree star pregnant?

No Jeffree Star is not pregnant because he is a male. Males cannot get pregnant.

Where does jeffree star get his clothes?

Jeffree Star makes his own clothing.

Does Jeffree Star have breast implants?

no especially since jeffree star is a guy... or at least was a guy...

Is Jeffree Star a Satanist?


Is davey havok in a relationship with jeffree star?

Davey Havok claims to be friends, and only friends with Jeffree Star, although Jeffree Star recently posted a bulletin stating Davey got him pregnant.

Did blood on the dance floor get kicked off the Jeffree Star tour?

Yes. I am not clear on why Blood On The Dance Floor's fight with Jeffree Star, But they kicked Jeffree Star off the CD's and singles for their new album.

Is jeffree star dead?


Does jeffree star like girls?


Is jeffree star a transvestite?


What is the birth name of Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star's birth name is Jeffrey Lynn Steininger.

Is jeffree star a boy?

Jeffree Star is a boy, but pretends to be a girl. I love him

Is Jeffree Star dating Dennis Hegstad or do they just hook?

Dennis Hegstad isn't dating Jeffree Star, they're just friends.

What are some good jeffree star quotes?

"You wanna Know who your true friends are? Screw up and see who's still there." - Jeffree Star

Who is jeffree star?

Jeffree Star is a model, make-up artist, recording artist, and all of these successful careers of his were propelled by his rise in internet fame.He is an internet celebrity, and opened up a whole new way for people of differing sexualities to express themselves (and get paid for it.)This is a silly question. Everyone knows who Jeffree Star is. :)jeffree star is amazing =D

Is jeffree star a girl?

No. hes a male.

Is mason musso and jeffree star lovers?


What state does jeffree star live?


What type of dog does jeffree star have?


Why did Jeffree Star become a women?

Jeffree Star did not become a woman. He may like boys and he may look like a woman but he most certainly is not a woman.

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