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he weighs 208lbs

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How much is a joe Montana coin worth?

Joe Montana silver coin 1980

How much is the Joe Montana card?


Who has A us city called after him?

Joe Montana has a city called Joe named for him in Montana. Joe, Montana

How much does Joe Jonas weigh?

Joe weigh something like 143 pounds (65 kg) I guess.

How much is your joe Montana card worth?

475 dollor

How much is a joe Montana card?

5 meelion dollars

How much is a 1979 joe montana card worth?


How much does joe torre weigh?

Joe torre weighed 216 pounds

How much is a football signed by Jerry Rice joe Montana and Steve young worth?

Now it is worth 4,200 for only Joe Montana so, good for you

How many rings does joe Montana have?

joe Montana has 4 rings

Is Joe Montana right handed?

joe montana is right handed

Is joe Montana the man in the celebrex commercial?

No!, Definitely not Joe Montana.

Who has better stats joe Montana or Troy Aikman?

joe montana

Who has the name Montana?

Hannah Montana ---- Joe Montana

How much does joe biden weigh?

211 pounds

How much is a autograph of Joe Montana worth?

Around $115-$250

How much is a Joe Montana 49ers 408 card worth?


How much is a Joe Montana Score 91 Card worth?

about a dollar

How much money did Joe Montana make in 1985?

A whole lot

How much did Joe Montana make a week?

enough to earn a living.

How much does Joe Trohman weigh?

Joe Trohman weighs around 180 lbs.

How much is joe Montana upper deck football card worth ITS a card that says we sulute joe Montana dated for 1995?

I found the value to be around $5.00

When was Joe Montana born?

Joe Montana was born on June 11, 1956.

Is Joe Montana alive to this day?

Yes, Joe Montana is still alive

When did Joe Montana Football happen?

Joe Montana Football happened in 1991.