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Q: How much does Kris Allen make a year?
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Kris Allen was born the same year as Colbie Caillat?


What is Katy Allen's age?

She is born in July 9,1986, so she is about 1 year young then his husband, Kris Allen

How much does ray Allen make a year?


How much does Lily Allen make per year?

50 million pounds a year

How much money does Jared Allen make?

he makes one penny every year

Who did you want to win American Idol this year Anoop Desai Danny Gokey Kris Allen Matt Giraud?

Danny gokey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much does basketball player Kris Humphries make per year?

Last season I believe he made around 3 mil.

Who sang live like youre dying?

Kris Allen, the winner of American Idol Season 8 (the season with Adam Lambert) StephieBuffie says:Actually if you are asking who sang Live Like You Were Dying... that would be made by Tim McGraw in 2004.'The Script' made the son, Live Like We're Dying' originally in 2008. They didn't put it on their debut album 'The Script' but they placed it on the b side of their mini album 'We Cry' - Kris Allen was not the original ... he is saying its a cover... well... the song was only a year old when Kris Allen thought it should be redone as a cover... and he didn't even redo it... he sings it the exact same way... way to go Kris Allen for no originality... way to go American Idol. Make sure you read those last two sentences and be heavy on the sarcasm

How much do rod Allen and Mario impemba make per year?

95 million bruh bruh

What year did Tim Allen make the movie The Santa Claus?

The year was 1994 and it came out in that year!

How much does Allen Iverson make a year?

As of 2010, he turned down a deal in China that was about 3.7 million dollars a year. Instead he now plays in Turkey for a little for 4 million.

Which year did Kris Lang graduate from UNC?


What year was Kris Jenner born?


Who are the 2009 American idols top 12?

This year they decided to make it a top 13. These are the people: Alexis Grace Danny Gokey Matt Sarver Allison Iraheta Adam Lambert Kris Allen Lil Rounds Scott MacIntyre Jorge Nunez Megan Corkery Jasmine Murray Matt Giraud Anoop Desai

How much does a flabotimist make a year?

how much and does a flabotimist make a year

How much the dea make in a year?

How much the dea make in a year?

How much do you make weekly if you make 74000 a year?

If you make 74,000 a year how much is that hoourly

How much does a pediatrition make per year?

how much do you make per year

How much does a basketball coach make a year?

how much does a basketball coach make a year?

How much money does McDonalds make in a year?

2.6 billion is how much they make in a year

How much does Randy Orton make a year?

How much does Randy Orton make a year?

How much does Triple H make a year?

How much does Triple H make a year

How much do you make a year if you make 5000 a month?

60,000 a year

In what year did you start building the panama canal?

kris anderson

What year did tim allen make the Santa Claus?

1994 it came out and was filmed maybe in 1993-1994