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How much does New Jersey unemployment pay?

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As of 2010, in New Jersey you will receive about 60% of your average weekly paycheck, for the base year, up to a maximum of $600. See the Related Link below for more information.

As of 2009, New Jersey's weekly unemployment benefits was 60% of your average weekly earnings during your base year, up to a maximum of $584 per week. See Related Link below for more information.

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How long does a New Jersey employer have to pay your unemployment after you were laid off?

You have to apply to the New Jersey unemployment office for benefits. Employers do not pay the compensation, the state does.

If you live in New Jersey and receive New York unemployment where do you pay taxes on it?

New Jersey because that's where you live.

If you live in Pennsylvania but work in New Jersey where do you file for unemployment?

New Jersey is the "liable" state that you would collect from, but because of the interstate unemployment agreements you could file in either and New Jersey would still pay.

What states pay highest unemployment compensation?

Massachusetts, followed by New Jersey, then Washington.

If you live and worked in a Company based in NJ but that Company was incorporated in NY where would you claim unemployment benefits?

You will claim unemployment in New Jersey because as the state in which you worked, New Jersey is the state that collected the unemployment tax your employer had to pay for you.

If you live in Pennsylvania but were laid off in New Jersey do you file for unemployment in New Jersey?

Yes, you would file in New Jersey because it is the "liable state" that collected your employer's taxes to pay for your benefits.

Can one collect unemployment after severance pay runs out?

Unemployment pay can be collected whether or not a severance pay is issued by an employer. This has been the case in New York and New Jersey. It would be safe to assume other states allow this as well.

Can you collect unemployment after working for a nonprofit in New Jersey?

Religious nonprofits have the option to not pay unemployment. If they choose not to pay then the employee cannot collect unemployment. If they do pay unemployment to the state then the employee can collect. Nonreligious organizations do have to pay unemployment, but they can pay the state one of two ways. As a state tax rated employer (same as a for profit company) or as a direct reimbursurer. Referenced from

What percentage of your unemployment benefits will you have to pay for child support in new jersey?

The same percentage as employed see links below

How much does unemployment pay in Tennessee?

The max pay for unemployment in TN is $275. How can anyone pay bills on that???

Can you collect unemployment benefits and severance pay in New Jersey?

Yes, you can collect both severance pay and Unemployment IF the severance pay is not considered an extension of your employment, under the terms of the severance agreement. For more information on the subject, see the Related Link below.

How much does unemployment pay in ma?

As much as you want.

Can you collect unemployment benefits if my union goes on strike?

In New York State, strikers can begin to collect unemployment benefits after seven weeks. Some other states will also award unemployment benefits to strikers. California and New Jersey have both done this under certain circumstances. Even if the state will not pay you unemployment compensation during your strike, your union will probably pay you some kind of benefit to help you out.

How much does MD unemployment pay?


Can anyone garnish unemployment benefits in New Jersey?

i will have to say no it is exempt income only child support and IRS can the state doesnt want to pay your credit debts

How much is the unemployment pay in Minnesota?

566 a week.

What is the pay scale for unemployment benefits in New York?


How much does unemployment pay in the state of Georgia?

How much unemployment will I receive a week after baing laid off a 30K a year job?

How much does bj whole sales club pay per hour?

$8.25 to start in New Jersey

What if i was Ticketed in New Jersey live in Mississippi what will happen if i don't pay it?

I got a ticket in new jersey for carless driving, and I live in MS. will I have to pay it?

How much money will a Sgt collecting base pay in California get for unemployment after getting out of Marine Corps and moving to Arkansas?

Your unemployment will be calculated on your base pay.

How much does Oklahoma unemployment pay?

$392 max a week

How long does New York State pay unemployment?

19 months

Can you apply for unemployment if you are suspended without pay from your job in New York?


How much does Louisiana Unemployment pay?

Louisiana maximum unemployement is $177

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