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A ten sack of exotics should weigh about .5 grams. A ten sack of regs should be about 1.5 grams, a ten sack of dro should weigh about 1 gram

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How much does a 40 sack weigh?

4 grams. hence the name 40 sack (assuming the bud is $10 per g.)

How much does a 10 sack of weed weigh?


How much does a 50 sack of meth weigh out?


How much does a hacky sack weigh?

50 Pounds

How much does a 20 sack of weed weigh?

A Gram.

How much does a 5 sack weigh?

The weight of your soul.

How much does one empty sack of rice weigh?

That would depend on the size of the sack and the material it is made ot of and how damp that material was. Also if the sack is empty it can not be "of rice" it is just and empty sack!

How much does a dime sack weigh of meth?

0.1 w/o bag

How much does a 15 sack weigh?

there isn't an exact weight it depends on your dealer and how much he will sell for 15

How much does a dime sack weigh?

4 - 4.5 grams if low grade, .5g if good stuff

When Ariana Grande was 10 how much did she weigh?

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How much can a cat weigh?

They Weigh 5-10 Pounds

How much does stone weigh?

It depends upon how much you weigh if you were 10 stone you would be 10 lots of 14 pounds

How much does an android weigh?

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How much does a dime sack of weed cost?

$10 - nick $5 - 8th $20

What household items weigh 10 pounds?

Some foods that weigh ten pounds are a sack of potatoes or sugar or flour. Some items could be a blender, a lamp, or a small toaster oven.

How much does an average chameleon weigh?

It can weigh close to 10 pounds

How much does 10 ml of water weigh?


How much do baby stingrays weigh at birth?

They weigh about 5-10 lbs

How much does a 2x4x16 board weigh?


How much does a beaver weigh?

about 10 pounds

How much does an alternator weigh?

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How much does a fly weigh?

About 10 milligrams.

How much does a proton weigh in pounds?


How much does 7.1 weigh for weed is that a tens?

a ten is how much you can get for ten dollars. a ten sack can range from a .4 to a gram or anything else, depending on the dealer and the quality.

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