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USED = 5,600-6,000 NEW = 34,000-47,000

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How much did a Chevy cost in 1963?

less then it does today how much did a Chevy corvette cost in 1963?

How much will it cost to install AC in a 1982 Chevy Corvette?

== ==

How much does a Chevy Corvette stingray 2012 cost?

110,000 is the base price

How much does a 2013 Chevy Corvette cost?

Impossible to answer as the 2013 models aren't being produced yet...

How much does a Chevy corvett cost?

A Chevy Corvette coats around 46,000 or 52,000 dollars!! Corvettes can also be priced at around 1.5million dollars

How much horse power does a 1983 Chevy Corvette have?

there is no 1983 corvette!!! stop it already!

How much does a corvette cost?

about $50,000

How much did the Corvette cost in?


How much does the 2007 Corvette cost?

A 2007 Corvette is $44,250 - $69,175. That is a lot.:)

How much does a Corvette zo6 cost?


How much does it cost to rebuild a 1984 ls1 Corvette engine?

There was no LS1 Corvette until 1997

How much does a classic Corvette cost?

The cost of a classic Corvette depends almost entirely on its condition. For a classic Corvette in a very good condition you could easily pay $40,000.

How much did a Corvette cost in 1968?

4,663.00 for the coupe.

How much did a Corvette cost in 1977?

I think $8500

How much did a 2006 Corvette cost?

The coupé was $43,800

How much did the 1966 Corvette cost?

A plain Jane 1966 Corvette coupe sold new for $4,295.

How much gas can a 2008 corvette hold?

about 25 gallons

How much does a Corvette stingray concept 2009 cost?


How much did a 1974 corvette cost in 1974?

base $6,000

How much horsepower does a Chevy Corvette have?

It depends on the model. The have ranged from only 150 to 650.

How much does a Chevy Ferrari cost?

There is no chevy ferrari

How much does a 2009 Chevrolet Corvette cost?

According to MSN autos, it can cost from $40,900-$91,700.

How Much Does A Corvette z06 cost?

on the Chevrolet homepage it says they are $74,285

How much does a 2010 corvette stingray cost?

Around $46,000 to $52,000

How much does a Chevrolet 1967 Corvette Stingray cost?

About £22,117 ($34,350).