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How much does a 9 year old girl weigh in pounds?


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2011-12-19 22:51:02
2011-12-19 22:51:02

A 9 year old girl should weigh about 65-80 pounds


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120 pounds a 14 years old girl should weigh. It can't pass to 120.

a 13 year old girl should weigh 115 pounds

A Ten year old girl should weigh about 70 to 80 pounds.

the lowest a 14 year old girl should weigh is 123 pounds her target weigh should be 143 pounds the highest should be 164 pounds

they should weigh about 75 to 85 pounds

This type of girl should weigh around 90 pounds because it is the perfect description of me! (not that I do weigh 90 pounds)

A 56'' girl should weigh between 80-100 pounds

Should weigh from about 115-120 pounds

she should at least weigh about 75 pounds

a five year old girl should weight 40-50 pounds.

about 40 pounds but it depends on her height.

I'm a twelve year old 5 foot girl and i weigh 106 pounds.

I am 5'0 and I am 12 years old. I weigh 100 pounds. I think that a 5'0 12 year old girl should weigh between 100 to 120 pounds, it depends on your body structure.

They should weigh from about 85-105 pounds

I am also a 13 year old girl and am also 66 inches tall. I weigh 120 pounds.

According to the BMI chart, a 5'1" 13 year old girl should weigh between 99 and 132 pounds.

i think maybe 60 to 75 pounds

That is a fine weight. Not that much at all.

i would say about 20 to 40 pounds

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