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How much does a CD store?

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A CD will store 700MB of data

It all depends on the type of disk

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How much did a CD cost in 2000?

if you bought it at a discount store, as low as $10, at a high-price CD store - it was as much as 17.99

How much storage does a CD-rom have?

A CD can store 700mb of data.

Who much data can you store on a CD?

Typical sizes range from 600-700 MB for an average CD.

How much information can be stored on a CD?

7900 A Compact Disk (CD) can usually store up to 700MB data.

How much information can a CD Compact Disk usually store?

A CD (Compact Disc) is normally used to store audio files and data. A normal CD usually stores around 700 MB of data.

What is One main advantage of CD-ROMs-?

One main advantage of CD-ROMs is that a CD-ROM can store much more information than DVDs.

How much does a basic MP3 CD player cost?

The price range for a basic CD player varies from store to store. One can find a basic MP3 CD player on Amazon or at RetailMeNot for a reasonable price compared to what is in the department stores.

What is the function of a CD?

the function of a cd is to store data

Where can you buy the stunners CD?

Hmv Or A CD Store...? :)

What is a data CD?

a CD that you store important information on (As distinct from a music CD)

Cd-romhow much information can be stored a cd-rom disk?

Most can store up to 650-700MB. Some non-standard discs can store up to 870 MB, but these violate the official CD specification and therefore can't be read in all drives / players.

When may a CD be used to store sensitive information?

When may a CD be used to store sensitive information

How much is Justin Bieber's new CD at the store?

it coast $10 at walmart.:) support the bieb!!

Does CD roms store more information than floppy discs?

of course cd's store more than floppys. cd's store about 10 times as much

Will a burned CD be of the same quality as an album I buy in a store?

Yes, if transfered directly from the CD or store download.

How much memory can a CD ROM hold?

A CD-RM used to be able to store up to 650MB of information. CD-ROMs are now able to store up to 700 MB of data or 80mins. of Audio. and hold music like mac lethal and AC/DC

What format is a CD bought from a store?

They can come in a few different formats. There is CD+R, CD-R, and CD+RW.

How much does double dutch cost?

double dutch (album) costs $20.39 at a CD Unierse Store.

How much does the Demi Lovato CD cost?

i bought it at the store for about $15.00 but i think you can buy it on iTunes for $9.99

Is CD a sequential storage device?

Yes CD is a sequential strage device. bcoz data store in CD in the form of sequence means we can store data in CD one by on track. we cant jump on different no. of tracks to store data. if we store data in track 1 then another data can store in track 2 not directly 3 or 5.

How does a CD store its info?

the cd has a device made from the computer down loaded into it

Sarah who works at the CD store is a sentence fragment?

Which of the following are sentence fragments? I. Sarah who works at the CD store. II. She smiled. III. At noon tomorrow. I & III. You're welcome โ˜บ๏ธ

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