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The weight of a cushion starfish will vary depending on its stage in life. A young cushion starfish weighs about 1 gram while an adult would weigh about 23 grams.

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How is a cushion starfish different from other starfish?

a cushion starfish is much more bigger than other starfish and fatter.

How much do grown starfish weigh?

as much as your mummy!

Why are cushion starfish called cushion starfish?

umm maybe its because they are round and look a little like cushions im guessing?!

Are Cushion Starfish used to make steroids?


How much do sunflower starfish weigh?

250 lbs

What is the scientific name of a cushion starfish?

the scientific name for a cushion star fish is sea star

What is the the scientific name of cushion starfish?

Pteraster tesselatus

What eats a cushion starfish?

aliens from outerspace it is a candy for them

What is the scientific name for the cushion starfish?

sea star

What species of starfish is native to Caribbean?

The Caribbean cushion

Where is the mouth of a cushion starfish?

In the center underneath the body

How do cushion starfish respiration?

i dont know tell me

How much does a starfish weigh?

A starfish can vary in different weights and sizes, it also depends on the type of sea star.

What is the Cushion starfish life-cycle?

7 years

How has the starfish adapted to its environment?

Beacuase the cushion starfish has 1000's of little suckers underneath, they stick to the rocks and they are so strong that the waves can't pull them off the rocks, but if we come along and rip it off the rocks, that damaged the cushion starfish.

What is the population of the cushion starfish?

14 trillion gazzilion platapus freckles

How does a Cushion starfish protect itself from being eaten?

Very poorly.

What does the cushion starfish eat?

it eats coral, bacteria, fish and mussels

How can you identify the cushion starfish?

The Pentagon Starfish has a bump texture. The body is thick and looks like a pentagon pincushion, and tube feet cover the bottom.

What is the Habitat of the cushion starfish?

Preferably a sandy sea bed, otherwise a wet/damp rock.

What are Cushion stars predators?

The cushion star looks more like a spineless sea urchin than a starfish. Its arms are so short that they merge with its body and only their tips can be seen. There are no specific predators found for the cushion star.

How much dod eminem weigh when he was fat?

Eminem weighed in at a measly 685 lbs. More pushing for the cushion if you ask me.

Can cushion starfish stay out of water?

Only for a very short while, they live in the low intertidal zone

What is the life span of a cushion starfish?

Cushion stars can live up to 7-10 years. At two years of age, a male is mature. By four years of age, it turns into a female.

What are the adaptations of cushion starfish?

well one i believe is it is round like some rocks so it blends in as a rock