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you can get a used one on eBay from almost 1000 dollars all the way to 13000 dollars. it all really depends on how rare the guitar your getting cost.

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Q: How much does a Gibson les paul cost?
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How much does a Gibson Les Paul robot guitar cost?


How much is my 1953 Gibson Les Paul worth?

How much is my 1953 Gibson Les Paul (near mint) worth

Is Steve Miller the grandson of Gibson Les Paul?

Steve Miller is Les Paul's god son. Les Paul's first name isn't "Gibson"; Gibson manufacturer the Les Paul guitar.

How much is a 2011 Studio Gibson Les Paul worth?

799 is the Gibson Les Paul Studio but I think it's the same for the 2011 model.

What are some guitars that have the body of a Les Paul guitar that arent Gibson or Les Paul like a Schecter solo-6?

Gibson Les Paul Epiphone Les Paul (Copy of Gibson)

How much does Gibson les paul juniors cost?

The newest ones cost £600, but I got mine slightly second hand for £500 :)

How much money does a Les Paul Gibson coust?

it depends on where u get it but it can cost 300 -1500 i usually see them for about 600

Which is better Gibson Les Paul custom or Gibson Les Paul supreme?

It is totally preference but I prefer the Gibson Supreme

Which is more popular acoustic electric guitar?

Gibson les paul Gibson les paul

Did Les Paul invent the Gibson Les Paul?

yes, and it was released with him working closely with Gibson

What is the name of Kevin Jonas's guitar?

he like the Gibson guitars but his favourite guitar is Les Paul studio and Les Paul standard and Gibson Les Paul Custom. He also uses a Gibson Explorer and a Gibson DarkFire

What is the value of a 2001 Gibson Les Paul Studio?

A 2001 Gibson Les Paul Studio is worth about $800 to $1,000. If it is in perfect condition, it could be worth as much as $1,500.

How much was a Gibson Les Paul standard in 1986?


What is better a Gibson Les Paul Standard or a Gibson Les Paul Traditional?

Standard. Play them both and you will understand.

What is better a Gibson les paul or Gibson sg?

Les Paul is more expensive and in my experience it plays better.

Is Les Paul Gibson standard better than Les Paul Gibson studio?

it depends on the tones and the sounds

How much is a 1963 Gibson les paul worth?

The worth of a 1963 Gibson Les Paul depends on its condition. The value of that particular year usually ranges between 2,000 and 4,000 dollars.

Where can you get a les paul blueprint for free?

Gibson Les Paul Junior

Black Gibson Les Paul?

Yes there most certaily is a black Gibson Les Paul...but why would you go for black when you can get Sunburst?

How much is a 1996 Gibson Les Paul Special worth?


Do knobs for a Gibson Les Paul fit a Epiphone Les Paul?

Yes because epiphone are made by Gibson. epiphone are cheaper simply because they don't say Gibson.

Who made the Les Paul first?

Les Paul guitars were first licensed and produced by the Gibson Guitar Co. - then of Kalamazoo Michigan. To this day nobody else can legally produce a "Les Paul" - they're going to be Gibson or Epiphone, Gibson's Asian-built brand. Other brands having the same general shape or features as a Les Paul will be called "Les Paul style" but will never legally carry the name "Les Paul".

How much does a 08 Gibson les paul cost?

New or second hand? It also depends where you are in the world. Different dealers may offer different prices. Having had a look at some prices (UK) an 08 Gibson Les Paul Standard costs ABOUT ยฃ1.8 thousand, ยฃ1,800. Just go on to Google shopping or something and have a look.

How much is a Gibson Les Paul Special worth?

A Gibson Les Paul Special is a guitar which has first introduced in 1955. They can be worth around å£1500 to å£3000 depending on condition and whether it includes the case.

Do Gibson Les Paul have wammy bars?

The Gibson Les Paul Axcess contains a Floyd Rose. It's the most salient model of the Les Paul that has a whammy bar attached. There are a few limited runs like the Gibson Les Paul Florentine that comes with a Bigsby attached. Otherwise, custom modification of the Les Paul may be done by custom ordering, or using after-market products such as the Vibramate.