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Q: How much does a Mossberg Bolt Action 243 Rifle cost?
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How much does a mossberg 44 bolt action rifle scoped combo cost?

Depending on WHICH Model 44, condition, and which scope- anywhere from $150-$250.

Looking for information on an ERMA E6C Bolt action 22lr rifle?

Low cost European rifle.

Where can I find a Mossberg 810A 30-06 complete bolt and parts?

You can check w/ Mossberg, or with havlinsales at their website- but the bad news is that a complete bolt will cost you about half of the value of the rifle, AND it should be fitted by a gunsmith. Sorry-

Howa Model 1500 Bolt Action Rifle 308 win cal cost used?

100-450 USD

What would be the value of a LH Savage 30.06 bolt action rifle like newmade about 1970?

The value of a LH Savage 30.06 bolt action rifle like new made about 1970 will be influenced mainly by its condition. On average, this will cost about $600.Ê

Who much does a mauser 1819 bolt action rifle cost?

There is no such thing as a Mauser 1819. Model numbers then were based on the year they were introduced, and the first bolt action rifle wasn't introduced until 1824. Additionally, Paul Mauser - who founded the company - wasn't even born until 1838.

Which is easier to make a bolt action rifle a revolving rifle with a metal cartridge a lever action rifle or a simple open bolt submachine gun?

Clearly the SMG would be the cheapest and easiest to build. The STEN sub machine gun is the best example of this. The only machined part was the bolt, everything else was made from cheap stampings or tube steel. The cost of a STEN was just a few dollars to manufacture.

Need a bolt for mossberg model 183d-a?

First suggestion would be Numrich Gun Parts Corp, but they are sold out. You can check Havlin Sales (good supplier for anything Mossberg) but the bolt will likely cost about half of what the shotgun is worth. Sorry-

How much is a Revelation model 312aka bolt action shotgun worth?

$50-85, depending on condition. These were low cost shotguns (IIRC, made by Mossberg for Western Auto) but very functional hunting weapons.

Savage 1909 22 hp lever action rifle?


Cost XL7 bolt action 3006 caliber?


Where can you get a bolt for this rifle and how much does it cost for Model 121 westpoint?

Try e-gunparts. 50 USD or so

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