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How much does a Nintendo ds lite case cost?


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A Nintendo ds lite costs £100

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Nintendo ds's cost about $140.99. That is about how much mine cost.

hi how much is a ds lite99.99 DOLLARS

Results from amazon dot com : DSi/DS Lite Universal Transporter Carrying Case - $19.99 DSi Protective Case With Cartridge Holder - $9.99 Official Nintendo Zip Case for Nintendo DSi and DS Lite - $9.96 Nintendo DSi Metal Case-Premium Silver - $9.51

It cost $30.00 dollars in BestBuy.

depends on what type of nintendo you are after. do you want an original, lite, i, xl or 3ds

It can cost anywhere from 5,999 rupees to 16,999 rupees.

there is not confirmation that there will be a 3DS XL or Lite, but i thing i read about 3DS lite somewhere.

It might cost more than twenty-five dollors

I would say about $125-$150 if you want a Nintendo Lite. If you want a Nintendo I, it would be about $175-$200. Hope I helped you :)

You should have $35.00(just to be safe). :)

It only cost 10,000 and up depending on it's type

There are hundreds of different games for the Nintendo DS Lite, some of them more expensive than others. The average price of these games range from $20-30.

The Highest I seen a Nintendo DS game cost is about $35 but older games can be from $15-$30

Nintendo DS Lite (pink, white, black, silver): ca. 550 lei (1 US $ = 3,03 lei)

it can be but the ds lite is a much more popular ds so in my opinion i would by the ds liteWell, the Nintendo ds is equivalent to a lite, the lite is more popular but now the Nintendo ds is rare so currently it is more expensive!

Sorry, but Super Mario Galaxy is only made for the Nintendo Wii.

The price can vary depending on where you take your Nintendo DS Lite to be repaired. However most people have reported that it can cost $100 to have the R and L buttons repaired.

The Nintendo DS Lite costs $129.99 plus tax.

At you can get theOriginal Nintendo DS for $69.99 Pre-Owned (Is not sold new anymore)Nintendo DS Lite for $99.99 Pre-OwnedNintendo DS Lite for $129.99 NewNintendo DSi for $119.99 Pre-OwnedNintendo DSi for $149.99 NewNintendo DSi XL for $169.99 NewNintendo 3DS for $249.99 NewThis is as of 4/30/11, and I believe that Gamestop will stop selling the Nintendo DS lite brand new in a short while.

It costs £99.99 In USA it costs around $129. The average cost of the Nintendo DSLite is about $130. If you buy a bundle package; the cost will be higher in price, and will vary! Sometimes you can get the DSlite at promotional temporary price reductions!

nintendo ds would be about $100.00 a ds lite would be $129.99

The Nintendo Dsi costs around £149.If you just want to play games on it you ight consider a Nintendo ds lite which cost around £99.The only difference i know of is that Dsi's have a camera and a few other settings.

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