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How much does a Toyger cost?


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Anywhere from $800-$4000 dollars


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Toyger cats are a breed of domesticated cat. Yes, with the appropriate treatment, Toyger cats like to be held.

Yes, you can have a Toyger cat and a boxer dog if you are able to afford the animal and care for them.

The answer is Felis catus. All breeds of domestic cat, including the Toyger, have the same scientific name.

Toyger cats are short not long coated animals. Their coat is uniform in length.

Yes, hypoallergenic means that they don't cause a lot of allergies and since the toyger cat breed has short hair it makes them hypoallergenic

It may be possible to find a Toyger cat or boxer dog in a shelter. You just need to call around to local shelters.

Toyger cats are a striped breed domestic cat. The aim was to cross these cats to produce a striped 'toy tiger' as the coat pattern is reminiscent of the tiger's striping. The Toyger is a breed in development. It is recognized only by TICA being accepted there for Registration Only in the early 1990's and Preliminary New Breed in 2000.

A toyger is a cat that is a cross breed between a bengal cat and a striped domestic short hair cat. They were developed to have stripes and orange or brown coloration reminiscent of a tiger.

A Doberman, a German shepherd, a boxer, a Toyger cat, an ocicat and a domestic short hair cat can probably get along if they are raised together and trained well.

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If you raise a Cheetah cat, a toyger cat, a boxer, a doberman and a German shepherd from early puppy and kitten hood, they will most likely get along. This can depend on the personality of the animals though.

You might be able to own a boxer, a cheetah cat and a toyger cat in Malta. These odd breeds will not be found in shelters in most cases. If you breed them, the resulting cats would probably be very cute.

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The Toyger does not have a natural habitat, as it is a humanly created breed of cat. It is a tabby that is bred for it's tiger like markings.

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