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Less than 100 to multiple thousands depending on specifics.


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Between 200-300 dollars,depending on the overall condition of the rifle in question.

The Winchester Model 150 was a relatively low cost 22 caliber rifle that was sold from 1967 - 1974. Approximately 47,400 were made. (Source: Blue Book of Gun Values)

Yes, the Winchester 9410. As the name implies it is a .410 version of the Winchester 94 lever action carbine.Marlin also made the Marlin 410.Both firearms are not in production now but one could find one used without much difficulty.The 9410, introduced in 2001 is a model 94 in .410 shotgunIf you're thinking of a large bore shotgun it would have to be the Winchester 1887. It was available in 10 & 12 gauge. It was manufactured until 1901. Recently, due to the popularity of Cowboy Action Shooting two reproduction on the market. The Chinese Norinco & the Italian The Italian repro is the superior, but more expensive, of the two, so some CAS Shooters have taken to having their Norincos reworked byCoyote Cap Gunworks. Even after the cost of the gunsmith work the Norinco still costs less. You may remember the Winchester 1887 from such films as Terminator 2, The Mummy and video games like Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Average condition roughly around $250. Good to Excellent condition could be up to $4-$450 as the manufacturer doesnt make this model any longer

it would depend on who made it, when, and what the significance of the anniversary is

Your MD12 was made in 1956 going by the ser# there was 69,939 made by Winchester that year. Cost or value would depend on condition, check with a gun dealer or someone who collects Winchester as far as value...

How much does it cost to drill a water well in Winchester VA

A Winchester 12/20 gauge shot gun can cost anywhere from 200 dollars to 500 dollars. This depends on what shape the gun is in.

i have a shotgun with no makers name how can i find out who made it

They cost what you pay for them.

I can say that A Winchester model 1894 lever action rifle 26in barrel was priced at 19.50 in Winchester's June,1896 Catalog. A carbine with the 20in barrel was priced at 17.50, a round barreled 26in rifle was 18.00 dollars, and the take down model was priced at 25.00 dollars. I can add that the Sears catalog from 1900 (reprint) lists the round or octagonal barreled 30 WCF for $14.75.

The opportunity cost of doing action A is not doing action B. So, the opportunity cost theoretically depends upon how much you value action A over action B (ie, value of action A - value of action B).

Bolt action shotguns have never been very popular in this country, as a result unless you can find a Winchester collector who needs one for his collection you would probably have a hard time selling it. A collector would probably only be interested in one in very good condition, hard to find in these low cost firearms. He, though, might be willing to pay as much as 6 or 7 hundred bucks for one in that condition.

if you shop around you can get a new marlin 336 for between 375-450 dollars.If you are looking for a used model you can deduct about 75.00 dollars.

It depends on what condition it is in. I actually lucked out not too long ago and bought one from a guy who needed money. He gave me forty rounds (win PowerPoint 150 grain, about 17.99 for 20 rounds on ave) and a soft case along with the gun for $100! Mostly you can expect to pay around an average of $250.

As of right now you are looking at 31,625 GBP ($52,000 USD) for an entry level shotgun.

How much a used Browning modle 870 shotgun costs can vary. The condition of the shotgun is one factor that impacts the cost. One can expect to pay close to $600 for one in good condition.

The Winchester model 1890 was sold for $16.00 in and around 1890. The model 1890 was one of the best selling rifles that Winchester made for many years.

I wanted to know what the cost is for a 270 Winchester rifle model ranger.

The biggest difference is that Winchester went from a controlled round feed(Mauser type) to a push pull feed(with out the mauser claw)type of feed action.this was done to cut the cost of production.This system is still in use today,but over time Winchester and other gun manufacturers have learned that there is still a great demand for the original controlled round feed of the mauser design.Especially with dangerous game chambered firearms.

If you are looking for a rifle in used but good condition,then I would say you can get one for 250-300 dollars.If you are looking for a new model then the price is 400-450 dollars.

the same price as a shotgun shell

$50-85, depending on condition. These were low cost shotguns (IIRC, made by Mossberg for Western Auto) but very functional hunting weapons.

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