How much does a anaconda weigh?


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The question what is the biggest snake can be confusing, the biggest as far as girth (largest being measured at 44 inches or 1,1176 m) is the Green Anaconda, on average anacondas are more then 20 ft long many reaching lengths of 29ft or more, with a weight of over 550 lbs, in terms of length then and only then will the Reticulated Python exceed the anaconda, the longest python was measured at 33ft but even this python can't match the total mass of the anaconda.

Anacondas are members of the Boidae family of reptiles and spend most of their time in rivers and swamps of the Amazon in South America, female anacondas are generally larger then the males and bear their young live and are called "Neonates", the number of young varies, some have produced 100 babies, but the average is between 20 to 40 babies. Diet consist of (depending on the size of the anaconda, the larger the snake the larger the prey) large/small rodents like capybaras, also pigs, caiman, jaguars, deer, dogs, birds even fish and is acquired by ambushing and constricting it's prey (the anaconda is so powerful it generally crushes it's prey) then swallowing it whole, the digestion of the anaconda is very slow thereby allowing it to survive without food for well over a year.

Anacondas have around a 30 year life span and the biggest threat to it is man and loss of their habitat.