Salary and Pay Rates

How much does a artists get paid in a year?

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45,547 dollars a year for me

artists salary is between $31,803- $46,247.

how much artist get payed

Most genuine artists are not paid by the hour. They are paid when they sell their art.

It depends on their level of skill and their location.

=== === ---- === === === === ---- === === They get paid with 10% down with 56,000 up to 10% up with 75,000

artists do not get paid a salary per year they usually make their works and sell them for money. they do not make the same amount per year unless they are a teacher

The average salary for commercial artists is about $90,050 per year. Independent artists can expect to make about $35,670 per year.

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They get paid $252,000 a year.

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