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How much does a barrister earn in Australia?


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December 20, 2007 1:31AM

Well, it depends, quite frankly. On the one hand, one may be an eminent Queen's Counsel accruing fees of up to AU$4,000,000 for the year; on the other hand, one may be a lowly junior barrister - sporting a fresh, white wig which has hardly seen any sweat from the scalp - on a pauper's stipend of AU$80,000 per year. So, it depends on one's cognitive abilities and willingness to work hard, burning the midnight oil, much like our newly-elected Minister for the Environment! If you are wanting to work at the Bar, there are three matters to consider: - expect to earn very little for the first two years, unless you are related to a few QCs and Justices of various courts in your state; - expect to work very hard for miserable money, as many solicitors will not settle counsel fees of very junior barristers, who simply cannot afford to 'kick up a stink' about it; and - have passion for the work. M, Esq.