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Q: How much does a black mamba eat a day?
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Show you the black widow food chain?

black widow eat sun scorpions which eat locuts and grasshoppers. black mamba eats black widow vultures and hawks eat the black mamba

Does anything eat the black mamba?

Vultures and eagles can scoop up a black mamba and kill it. Otherwise land mammals usually do not mess with the mamba.

How many people gets killed by a black mamba?

a lot of people but a black mamba duznt eat people but injects the neurotoxiin

Will a black mamba eat a panther?

No, not likely.

Does the black mamba eat its food whole?


Does a black mamba eat plants?

No. All snakes are carnivores.

What kind of birds does the black mamba eat?

The black mamba is a deadly snake that lives in many different parts of Africa. It will eat any birds that it can catch and swallow, including guineafowl, sand grouse, parrots, and quail.

How many people have been eaten by a black mamba?

None. Black Mamba's don't eat people. They just inject people with poison which kills people very quickly.

Can a black mamba eat a human?

No, but if they bite you, you will die in a half hour

Can anything eat the black mamba snake?

maybe there is an eagle maybe

Would a black mamba eat a king cobra?

The Mamba is a "bird eater," but, the King Cobra is a "snake eater," therefore the Cobra would be more likely to eat the Mamba, providing it could catch it. Mambas are very very fast.

What kind of mice or rodents does the Black Mamba eat?

The Black Mamba eats all kinds of mice or rodents. This deadliest snake in the world can kill a rodent in as short as 4.5 minutes.

Can king cobra eat black mamba?

king cobra can easily swallow a black mamba because king cobra is the largest venemous snake of the world and the king of all snakes

What does the black mamba snake eat?

rats mice and other small mammals

Will a reticulated python eat a black mamba?

Retic pythons prey on other snakes.

Is there an animal that eats a black mamba?

Yes. Mongooses eat young black mambas, secretary birds and large species of eagle eat adult mambas.

Would a king cobra eat a black mamba?

If given an opportunity yes. Catching a mamba would be difficult for a King Cobra because mambas are extremely quick, but King cobra venom is extremely potent and in most cases, the king can kill and eat a mamba comfortably. They are too big when compared to a Mamba to defend itself. considering they are very similar in length, an adult black mamba and an adult king cobra would not view each other as a potential meal. If it was a baby black mamba then the king cobra could eat it, but only if it could catch it without getting bitten itself. catching it would be nearly impossible because black mambas are the fastest venomous land snake in the world, and cobras are clumsy animals while the black mamba is extremely crafty and intelligent. Would be interesting to watch as I don't like snakes.

How can a jaguar kill a black mamba?

Well there is only one answer. The jaguar rips the head of the black mamba And its eat If you ask another question like that I would do the same to you.

How much does a black lab eat?

They eat about 2-3 times a day.

How much does a black rhinoceros eat in a day?


What food does a black mamba eat?

Rodents (Mice, Rat), ground squirrels, and other small mammals

How much can a grate white shark eat in a day?

as much as a black man weighs

What does the Black Mamba Eat?

Black Mamba's are ambush & stealth hunters. Once they bite their prey, there is no escape. The venom kills its prey swiftly. Their usual prey includes birds and small mammals like hyraxes, rodents like rats, bats, small chicken, bushbabies etc. They are even known to eat other snakes like the Puff Adder or the Cape Cobra. Once the prey is dead, they swallow them whole. Mamba's have no predators that are known to kill or eat the snake.

How much does a black panther eat each day?

About 2/4 of a cup

Can you eat a black mamba?

Yes, snakes are edible. Venom is only toxic if injected, not if eaten. However, you still wouldn't want to eat the venom glands, which are located in the head.