How much does a book writer make?

As of January, 2016, the average salary for a writer/author is somewhere between $17,000 and over $130,000 a year, depending on your level of fame and your skill at the craft. That's an average salary of about $19 per hour if you work hard and are a professional.

2 cents per year ( if you have a dumb book )


This depends on so many factors. Im planning on being a writer when im older, creative writing major. Publishing companies will sometime give you a small amount of bonus money for writing ur novel when your not doing well financially (if ur broke u likely have to work the whole day, therefore wouldnt have time to write) Jk Rowling got a 15k from her publishing company to complete the first harry potter novel. Most books wont be read by anyone but really friends and family who buy it, but the ceiling is extremely high. Much less than one percent of authors actually make a living solely off of books. You'll likely have to work other jobs, but don't let that discourage you if its your dream.