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800 dollars depending how good he is and if he is good looking.

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2012-01-20 15:20:09
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Q: How much does a carpet installer make an hour in MI?
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How much does the average garage door installer make per hr?

An average garage door installer makes about $11 per hour in a typical day.

How much does a dish network installer make per hour in salisbury MD?

A Dish Network installer makes about $14 per hour in Salisbury, MD. The average yearly salary for an installer is about $32,000 per year and this job does not require an advanced degree.

How much does a Cintas installer make?

A new account Installer will make around 30K and year or around 14 dollars an hour. which also include commission of 1 to 1 and full benefits.

How much does a carpet installer earn per year?

On average 70,000. It can top 100,000 if its a good year.

How much does a cable installer make?

$11.00 hr-15hr

How much does a car audio installer make a month?


How much does a weatherization installer make?

How much a weatherization installer can make largely depends upon experience, qualifications and location. The average salary for this position in the US is 35,900 US dollars.

How much does a tile installer make a year?

It all depends on the area your in and your skill level, hourly or square foot basis, up to $30+ an hour 75k a year.

How much do chain installer make in California?

nothing when the roads closed

How much does a sign installer make?

northeast/new England area pays mid 20's for a good installer who can also service.

How much money does a fire alarm installer earn?

The average fire alarm installer earnings as with all occupations is varied by Country. In the US the average installer pay can range from $12-$27 an hour depending on their experience, and cost of living in their respective state.

What if your GM has asked you for a budget price to replace the carpet in the Ballroom. The ballroom dimensions are 50 and rsquo wide X 80 and rsquo deep. What if your local installer gave you a quote?

The answer will depend on what he local installer quoted for. If the quote was for supplying and installing then that is the answer. If he was only doing the installing then you need to get a quote for how much the carpet would cost!

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