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Q: How much does a cartier mens 18 carat white gold chain cost?
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Related questions

What is the value of carat black and white diamond?

If we select top qualities for a white diamond then a 1 carat round cut, H color, Si1 clarity, and excellent cut with GIA certification can cost you approximately $5258. A 1.29 carat cushion cut black diamond can cost upwards of $1,500.

Why buy 18 carat white gold rather than 9 carat white gold?

Well, it is better to buy 18k pure solid color white gold,because cost more in karat and it is very good in durability, that low 9 Karat . If the 9k have Rhodium plated cost less money to! Wake up!

1.0 total carats H Clarity Si1 14 carat white gold princess cut diamond earrings cost?

It will cost between $1000 and $2100.

How much does one fourth carat tw diamond cost?

Your total cost depends on the characteristics of each of the diamonds included in the total carat weight: the cut, clarity, colour and carat weight of each.

What is the cost of 661 carat black rutile star?

i would like to know how much a 661 carat black rutile star will cost?

How much does a 24 carat gold chain cost?

The cost of jewelry depends on size, weight, and quality. A local jewelry store will be able to offer a wide variety and find something in most price ranges.

Does white diamond cost more than yellow diamond?

Every diamond is valued according to its carat weight, colour, clarity and cut. All else being equal, an fancy intense yellow diamond will cost more than a 'white' diamond.

How much does aquamarine cost?

around $1,000 to $1,500 per carat for very good ones, light blue stone can cost you around $90 per carat, while a light blue-green stone can cost you anywhere between $180 to $240 per carat (USD btw)

Cost of yellow sapphire in India?

price of yellow sapphire stone in the market is 1,000/- per carat to 50,000/ per carat

How much does a 6 carat diamond cost?

Today on Blue Nile, you can purchase a white diamond of about this carat weight and pay between US$74,637 and US$644.089, depending on the cut, clarity, colour and exact carat weight that you want.

What is the value of 1 carat Tanzanite compared to 1 carat Diamond?

It all depends on the quality. A 1 carat A-quality Tanzanite can cost a couple hundred dollars where a AAAA-quality Tanzanite can cost thousands of dollars. The same holds true for diamonds.

How much does 40 carat gold cost per ounce?

Zero as 40 carat gold does not exist

How much is an ounce of diamond worth?

About 3.5$ mil.added 11/3/2010Not exactly true.A standard ounce of is 141.747 carats.Industrial diamonds can sell for $1-$5 per carat .Jewelry grade diamonds can cost $50 per carat for the smallest diamonds to $2000-$10,000 for a nice white 1 carat diamond to $25 million for a 50 carat diamond. ( diamond over 20 carats are generally considered semi unique and hard to price)So given that range an ounce of diamonds can cost from about $150 up to $300,000,000. In addition since a single 141.47 carat diamond would be one of the largest diamonds in the world, it could be priceless

How much a ruby cost per carat in India?

Cheap rubies can cost $2 per carat up to $10,000 or more for nice ones. I have bought many in India and the cost does not depend on the country but the quality

How much does a Cartier Roadster watch cost?

Cartier Roadster watches can vary greatly in price depending on the embellishment on the watch and the size. They usually cost between $3000 and $10,000.

How much would 1 carat of olivine cost?

2 dollars

What is the cost of carbon in diamond form?

Its tricky, carbon in Diamond form means "Diamond",it could cost from a couple of Dollars a carat (Industrial) to say 2000 Dollars a carat(Gem quality) or more.........

How much do platinum diamond earrings cost?

The cost of Platinum diamond earrings will vary greatly depending on the carat weight of the diamond. As an example for prices, 1/2 carat total weight start at about $1400 but a 1 carat total weight sells for approximately $3600 per pair.

How much is one tenth carat diamond cost?

One tenth of a carat is a small weight for a diamond -- your local jeweler may have such a diamond to sell.

What is the cost of 7 carat diamond?

A diamond is valued by its cut, clarity, carat weight and colour. A local jeweler can show you stones in this category.

What was cost of 2 carat in 1973?

The value of a diamond depends on its cut, its clarity, its colour and its carat weight. A local jeweler can give you the answer you want.

What is the cost of a carat blue white diamond?

One can assume from your question, that you mean one carat. One may also assume that when you use the term 'blue-white', which is vaguely defined and often used to describe several properties of a diamond, that you want a 'high-colour' white diamond. You can follow the link, below, to receive a quote -- not endorsed by WikiAnswers -- from a vendor who offers a quote for a 'very rare blue white diamond'. Otherwise, today on Blue Nile, you can purchase a diamond of about one carat in weight and with a D, E, or F (high white) colour and pay between US$2,821 and US$7,289, depending on the cut and clarity that you want.

How much does cartier love ring cost?

It all depends if its white gold or platinum, if it has gems or not but the range is from $1800 to probably $3500. These prices also goes up every year

How much does 15 carat diamonds cost?

The value of a diamond depends on its cut, its clarity, its colour and its carat weight. A local jeweler can give you the answer you want.

What is the cost of 23 diamonds at 1 carat in weight total VS2 G quality.?

Given the high number of diamonds limited by the low carat weight in your question, the cost of the diamonds might not be so much a factor as the quality of the setting into which they are mounted. The clarity quality that you describe wouldn't be so visible in diamonds weighing less than a quarter carat (.25 carat) each.