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make 7.50 per year

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Q: How much does a cashier make at Walmart?
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How much do overnight cashiers make per hour at walmart in baltimore city?

how much does a over night cashier make at walmart

How much does a walmart employee in Texas make an hour?

They make anywere to 7.50-10.00 an hour just being a cashier Dajone L Hammond

How much does Aldi pay cashier?

Generally $10-$11 per hour. This is because they are usually responsible for more tasks than a cashier at Target, or Walmart.

Another name for a cashier at Walmart?

A checkout

How much does a cashier make at Zaxbys?

Not enougj

How much does a cashier in Virginia make working at walmart?

It depends on what part of Virginia you're working at. You start off as a temporary associate for 90 days making $7.65 a hour.

How much do Wal-Mart employees make?

I work for Walmart as a Cashier and I make $7.65 an hour.If you get a job at Walmart, your amount per hour you make will depend on a few things such as:Your stateYour experienceYour positionFor example, the Cashier's at my Walmart store start out at $7.65 per hour whereas the Courtesy Associates start out at $7.25 which is minimum wage in the state of North Carolina. At the end of every year you work, you will get evaluated. The outcome of your evaluation will determine how much of a raise you can get. The max raise for our store is a fifty cent increase per hour.

Will Emily osment be a cashier at walmart you think so?

No she is a star she does not need to work at walmart she will never work at walmart.

How much does a cashier at Trader Joe's make?


How much money does a cashier usually make a year?

The average yearly salary of a Walmart employee is not very high. Working full-time, the salary is less than $20,000 USD. Walmart is known for not paying it's workers well.

How do you purchaces?

Ask the cashier at Walmart named Jermane Henson.

How much money do you make being a cashier?

you get $10000000000000000 a second