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How much does a casino cashier earn?

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How much does a lowes head cashier earn?

A head cashier at Lowe's can earn as much as 15.00 per hour. The exact rate depends on experience and the location of the store.

How much does a cashier earn?

A cashier makes about $5 an hour so if i were you i wouldn't get that job now would you

How much does a cashier at best buy earn?

$2.43 an hour

How much money does a cashier earn in mi pueblo?


Where can one cash out their gambling card at Turning Stone Casino in Vernon NY?

If a person would like to cash out their gambling card at the Turning Stone Casino in Vernon, New York, it is easy to do so. When the person is ready to cash out, he or she simply takes the card to casino cashier. This must be done using of the casino cashiers and not a snack vendor, or cafe cashier. The casino cashier will determine how much is on the card and then cash it out for the appropriate amount.

How much does a cashier at Starbucks earn?

there is no cashier position. if you want to work for starbucks, the starting position is a barista. you have to get trained to make drinks. period

How much salary does a casino manager earn?

Casino managers are often paid in excess of $100,000 per year. It depends on where you are working, what the intake of the casino is, and how good you negotiate.

How much money does a casino owner earn?

That is something only he truly knows, that is sort of personal.

How much do walgreen's employees earn per hour?

The starting wage for a cashier was reduced to $7.50 in the summer of 2008.

How much annually does a cashier earn?

Depends on where they are employed. Usually minimum wage to union scale ... that can mean most anything.

How do you cash in gambling chips from Las Vegas?

You have to take them to the cashier in the casino where the chips originated. You can sometimes cash in chips at different casinos, but your best choice is the original casino.

How much do you earn at foodlion?

How much you earn at Food Lion varies depending on your department and the length of time you work for the company. On average, a cashier makes between 7 dollars per hour and about 10 dollars per hour.

How much does a cashier earn an hour at McDonald's?

From 11-14 dollars an hour. They are one of the highest paying fast food restaurants in the world.

How much money does a head cashier associate earn at lowes home improvement?

i make $11.26 but i started out at $10 something as head cashier.. When i started at lowes as a CSA i made $9.11 an hour just watering plants.

What is the most money you can earn at the YoVille casino?

the most you can get is 1,000,000 :)

How do you earn casino dollars in ameba pico?

hola soy de ameba pico nesesito 900.000.000 casino plz

How much does a cashier machine cost?

the cost of a cashier is about $120.00

How much does a cashier at marshalls make per hour?

how much does a cashier at marshalls make per hour?

How do you get xp on SpongeBob great adventure?

You can earn xp by doing the cooking or cashier job

How much money does an average person spend at a casino?

It varies between the better and what salary they earn but the average casino customer loses about $100 in a typical day.A normal person with a normal salary would probably spend $100?

What do you call someone who work on till?

A cashier.A cashier.A cashier.A cashier.A cashier.A cashier.A cashier.A cashier.A cashier.A cashier.A cashier.

Who are the female outlaws in wild wild west?

One of the female outlaws is a woman who is in purple clothing that you can find in the beginning of Poptropica when you go to Dos Cactos and into the casino. When you enter the casino, she is on the second floor near the cashier stand.

How much money does a cashier earn?

Depends on where they are working and which state (stand of living varies substantially state to state) Safe assumption somewhere between $6.00 - $12.00 an hour

How much money did Casino gross worldwide?

Casino grossed $110,400,000 worldwide.

What are casino tokens used for?

Casino tokens are practically viewed as a casino's own monetary system, eliminating the need to make transactions through cash money. The tokens are interchangeable with cash at a cashier station, and are likely used for the convenience of tracking.