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How much does a cast iron 350 block weigh without the crank cam or pistons?


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you need a casting number some have thicker walls 2bolt vrs 4bolt mains ect.


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Hopefully someone with the correct answer will improve this answer, but a shortblock weighs 290. That is a 350 block with crank, rods, pistons, and cam.

Assembled iron long block with hypereutectic pistons, pink rods, aluminum heads and intake, no carb, no distributor, no exhaust, no oil: 364 lbs.

A larger block will weigh more, a smaller block will weigh less. Also, kilograms is a unit of mass, not of weight.

Just the short block, about 300lbs.

8" x 16" Cinder block will weigh just under 30 lbs

Aluminum block weight- 120lbs iron block- 204lbs

depends on the size of hte block

just shipped a '99 454 bare block 208 lbs on the scale. Block and main caps only.

a 2x2x5 ecology block weighs 20

A typical small block Chevy weighs about 500 fully dressed. A 283 may be slightly lighter, but I'd bet it's every bit of 450. Especially if it still has the stock iron heads and crank.

In a word, yes. The only difference between 250 and 400 engines is the top end, so you just need to replace the pistons & cylinder head etc. As far as I know the crankshaft is the same. Hi, crank actually has a different part number, probably, (and this is a guess) the balance factor will be different as the pistons wont weigh the same as a 250's. Don't forget top end includes carbs ;-)

There is no way to actually "weigh" a person without using some sort of scale.

No, the range of the scale is wrong, the food scale probably has a maximum capacity of one or two pounds, whereas a concrete block weighs about 40 pounds, so the scale can not weigh the block.

Fully dressed a Pontiac block will weigh in around 600-650 lbs. If you are asking about the bare block....I honestly don't know.

They weigh about 1800 pounds without a driver.

It depends (on the density what you are measuring). Block of Styrofoam would weigh less than a block of lead.

A solid block would weigh about 2600 kg broken pieces about 1600 kg.

24 kilograms. I say this because 8kg plus half a block is a whole block. The half a block has to be also 8 kg making a whole block weigh 16 kg. Now 1 block (16kg) plus half a block (8kg) added together is 24kg

the average pyramid block weighs about 5,600lbs

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