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you need a casting number some have thicker walls 2bolt vrs 4bolt mains ect.

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Q: How much does a cast iron 350 block weigh without the crank cam or pistons?
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How much does a 85 Chevy 350 bare block weigh?

Hopefully someone with the correct answer will improve this answer, but a shortblock weighs 290. That is a 350 block with crank, rods, pistons, and cam.

How much does a 350 chevrolete engine weigh?

Assembled iron long block with hypereutectic pistons, pink rods, aluminum heads and intake, no carb, no distributor, no exhaust, no oil: 364 lbs.

What is the weight of a cement block in Kilograms?

A larger block will weigh more, a smaller block will weigh less. Also, kilograms is a unit of mass, not of weight.

How much does a Chevy small block short block weigh?

Just the short block, about 300lbs.

How much does a 10kg block weigh on earth?

It would weigh 10kg.

How much does a maffia block weigh?

with or with out

How much does an 8 inch cinder block weigh?

8" x 16" Cinder block will weigh just under 30 lbs

How much does a Chevy small block short block weigh -?

Roughly 550 pounds dry.

How much does a Chevy 396 big block weigh?

about 685 pounds dry

How much does a small block 400 weigh?

About 450.

How much does a 8x12x16 concrete block weigh?


Does a solid block of glue weigh as much as the same block of glue melted?

Yes, it would be the same.

How much does each block of stone weigh in a pyramid?


How much does a small block Chevy weigh?

350, to 400lbs.

How much do lego's weigh?

depends on the size of hte block

What does a Chevy small block 350 weigh?

350, to 400lbs.

How much does a 12 concrete block weigh?

80 lbs

How much does a 4 inch block weigh?

2 ton

How does 2'x2'x4' block of cement weigh?

50 #

How much does an 8x8x8 concrete block weigh?

64 pounds

How much does a 4x8x16 solid Block weigh?

40 lbs

What does a bare 454 Chevy block weigh?

just shipped a '99 454 bare block 208 lbs on the scale. Block and main caps only.

How much does a 283 chev engine weigh?

A typical small block Chevy weighs about 500 fully dressed. A 283 may be slightly lighter, but I'd bet it's every bit of 450. Especially if it still has the stock iron heads and crank.

How much does an ls1 weigh?

Aluminum block weight- 120lbs iron block- 204lbs

How much does an 2 x 2 x 5 ecology block weigh?

a 2x2x5 ecology block weighs 20