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Cheap Louis Vuitton bags do not exist unless they are a fake. Louis Vuitton do not enter into a discounting strategy for their bags as that would devalue the brand. You may find some second hand Vuitton bags on ebay if you are on budget

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How do you get a cheap Louis Vuitton handbag?

If you find a Louis Vuitton handbag that's cheap, it's probably a fake and a knockoff. They sell it in the malls. Real ones are much more expensive.

What is a Louis vuitton bag?

Louis vuitton is a brands of bags ,i like Louis vuitton bags and chanel bags very much.

What is more expensive-Louis Vuitton or Coach?

Louis Vuitton is much more expensive.

How much is Louis vuitton worth?

450 million dollars the real Louis vuitton bags will cost you 1000usd or more, while the replica just cost you about 200usd or more,you can buy according to your will.louisvuittonbagoutlet.net can give a choice for your choose.

How can you find out how much is my louis vuitton bag worth?

Go on Ebay and find out how much they are selling for or you can go on the Louis Vuitton website and see.

How much does a Luis vuitton cost?

The cost of a Louis Vuitton purse will depend on the model. Some of the entry level LV purses can cost as little as $500. If you want one of the more premium purses, you can expect to pay $5,000 or more.

How much is a Louis vuitton bag?

Offical Louis Vuitton bags are up to 2,000 dollars and replica Louis vuitton bags are only about 200 dollars, one tenth of offical price. We provide replica Louis vuitton bags in good quality and it is worth that price. http://www.louisvuitton-bags-outlets.com

How much are Louis vuitton shoes?

from around 800 to 1400 dollars

How much does a Louis vuitton dress cost?

Depends. Ranges from atleast a few hundred, approximately 400/500 pounds to a few thousand pounds.

How look like Louis Vuitton?

no one knows what Louis vuitton looked like. Since it was so long ago and also he probally didnt have much pictures taken of him

How much are fake Louis Vuitton purses?

Well not much, normally a fake Louis Vuitton purse would sell for about $15. Sometimes on Ebay they sell for over $100 because the seller doesn't say its fake.

How much money does Louis Vuitton make in a year?

£1,000,000,000,000,000 i think thats about right :)

How much is Louis vuitton epi soufflot bag?

On the UK LV website £665 - double that for $US

How much does a Louis Vuitton employee earn per hour?

How much money does a cartier sales person make per hour

How much is a gold braclet from Louis Vuitton worth?

Price ranges can go from US$750 to US$12,000

How much is a fake Louis Vuitton worth.?

Nothing as it is illegal to sell it (because it is a fake and breaches copyright/patent).

What is Louis vuitton attitude?

Very hot, Im getting one this weekend...much cooler than LV evidence glasses that half of Miami wear. Louis Vuitton Attitude Sunglasses ($530), which are available in silver and gold. These shades are part of the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2009 collection and feature Damier engraved detailing on the temples & nose bridge which gives them a contrasting 3-D effect

How much is a used Louis Vuitton purse with tag?

Usually around $115 to $350. I checked on "Google Shopping," F.Y.I.

How much does a cheap tequilla cost?

It can cost as little as $15 a bottle.

How much can one expect to pay for a Louis Vuitton belt?

New and used Louis Vuitton belts can be purchased online. They can range from $100 to around $1000, depending on what type of belt the consumer wants. Obviously, used belts are less expensive than buying a belt new.

How much does a Louid Vuitton Scarve cost?

Quite alot of money, it depends on the type of material etc. of the scarf :).

How much does a sidekick lx cost?

Now, the phone cost $225 from tmobile.com.....its quite cheap from there...!<< yeah and the sidekick 09 cost $250 NOT cheap!

How Much Do Puggles Cost?

Puggles can cost from as cheap as $50 to as expencive as $600.

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