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How much does a child psychologist make a year?


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Depending on experience in the field - typical salary can range anywhere from $153,000 to $190,000. Please keep in mind there are many different factors that can affect salary including experience, education, and geographic area....most of the time you will need alot of experience, and many years of college to really be successful. and alliens DO EXIST!!!!!


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In 2005, Private Psychologist Median wages :$99,900 annually

they make less than a psychiatrist which they make 180,000 a year

Psychologist make about 88,000 dollars a year and make 44 dollars an hour. Psychologist evaluate patients for mental, emotional or behavioral disorders.

The average salary for a personality psychologist in the state of California is $82,000 per year. The nationwide average is $77,000 per year.

The amount of money that a psychologist can make in a year depends on a few things. This depends on the location for example.

How much do child care workers make.

up to 100,000 £ a year :O

the average psychologist makes a bit more than 200,000 per year

The amount of money that a psychologist make in GA makes is about $64,140 per year. However, this will vary depending on level of experience and area of specialization.

A psychologist in a practice can earn about $250,000 per year. Working for an agency, she or he could be make up to $150,000.

the salary for a psychologist with a masters degree will vary depending on experience and location worked. They average about $67,650 per year.

They make approximatly 75,000 - 100.000 a year Salary Range

In order to become a child psychologist you would first have to complete your training at a College or University to get your degree. Upon graduation you can expect to earn approximately $30,000 annually as a new grad. With years of experience you can earn up to approximately $100,000 per year.

It depend on what kind of psychologist you are, if you are going and becoming a psychologist right out of university then in a month you would make $50,000 and that times 12 is $600,000 a year. If you are a little more experiences then in a month you would make 80,000 and that times 12 is 960,000 a year. But if you wanted to become a more advanced psyschololgist you would then eventually become what is called a Clinical Psychologist you would earn obviously more. In a month you would make $10-$15,000 more than you would make as just a psychologist. In a year if you made $960,00 (and you were going to make $10,000 more) In a (month) you would make $970,000. Then in a year you would make $11640,000. But (If you are going to make $15,000 more)In a (month) you would make $975,000. Then in a year you would make $11700,000.

An industrial / organizational psychologist makes about $39,996 the first year.

I kno a person who makes 110k a year so im guessing its tht

A child care specialist normally makes around $65,000 a year, depending on how much experience they have.

On average a psychologist makes around 68,000 a year and some make over 150,000 dollars a year. Earnings depend on what size clinic they work in or if they are in private practice.

The can make around 80,000 to 110,000 dollars a year. This depends on who they work for and the amount of experience and education they have.

In New York State, Child Protective Service officers make 35 thousand to 40 thousand a year.

School psychologists often earn pay on the same scale as a teachers. So, if a teacher with a PhD makes $60k a year, a school psychologist with a PhD will also make $60k a year. Sometimes school psychologists are paid on an administrators pay schedule and therefore make a bit more money.

A starting psychologist with limited experience earns about $30,000-$45,000 a year. Those with 5-10 years experience usually earn $55,000-$80,000. After 10+ years on the job, the average salary range is from $80,000-$100,000 per year.

A forensic psychologist applies psychological knowledge, theory and skills to matters related to the legal and criminal justice system. They provide expert opinion to the courts in such matters as criminal behaviour, child abuse and family court cases. Depending on where you work and who you work for, a forensic psychologist can make anywhere from $80,000/ year.

In Arizona it's about 25$ a hour.

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