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It depends on how many weeks or months you want to have membership for. if you click on membership and select your payment type it will tell you.

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It cost £19.00 for a 6 month membership for club penguin

The 6 month membership card is $29.95. By Gold Tommy from Club Penguin

For a year they cost $59.59 answer found on

It depends on how long you want your membership for.

There are many games like Club Penguin which you can do more with out a membership but there are none that are good with no cost.

Well I think it is $7.95 per month so times that by three.

I don't know what a 'curves membership' is, but you can get more information about membership on the Club Penguin website.

It doesn't cost anything but if you want membership then it will cost you money

Every player card background on club penguin costs 60 coins.

A year membership on Club Penguin currently costs $60 for the whole year. That is equal to $5 dollars a month. That is $20 cheaper than a 6 month membership.

An annual membership to Sam's Club costs $35 for a business membership and $40 for a household. The deluxe membership program, which offers certain advantages, is $100.

You cannot have a free membership on club penguin as all memberships cost money. You have to pay a certain amount each month and in my opinion is not worth the money.

Yes of course! Infact club penguin doesn't give out free memberships.

I don't think you can buy club penguin membership for a week, as far as I know when i played it it was only used for months of memberships and 5 euro/dollars/pounds. But i quit Club penguin because it is babyish, for me. I am 15 and you know haha. So, I dont think you can get membership for a week, I am sorry :-)

1 Month- $7.95 3 Month- $19.95 6 Month- $39.95 12 Month- $59.95

It depends what country your in. I know in England it is £4.95 for a month.

To get a Club Penguin membership, go on the website and click Play Now. A membership screen will show up! Click on that and then choose how many months you want your membership to be. Click that and then select which payment company you use. Fill in the information boxes and then type in your Club Penguin username and password. Now your good to go! Just select Play Now and get started with your membership or buy a membership near you like Walmart. 1 month cost $5.98, 6 month cost $29.98 and 12 month [ only if you have 2 6 month membership ] cost $54.98. When you membership expire,buy a new one or buy it in the web.