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How much does a comic book artist gets paid?



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Comic Book artist get paid more money if they draw and ink their work but they also get paid more money if there art is very good and detailed. They also get paid more if they write and illustrate their own comic which in most cases it doesen't happen too often. Pay rate is all over some make a very good living off of comics others not too well it's hard to make a living off of comic books now a days with films and video games being more and more popular and with more comic book companies closing down. So comics don't sell half of what they used to but there are still some comic book creators who make good money. A way to make it big is if your comic becomes a cartoon, movie, video game, card or even a toy. In which you might know doesen't happen very often especially with the way technology has advance since the early 50's. Where most art films are 3D CGI films now a days cartoons aren't being used anymore that much. So yeah you don't get paid that much really you will be lucky enough to survive as a comic book artist best bet is to either go into game art design or animation design or even design novels because those are the hotfield for art these days.