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The salary for a construction worker will vary depending on the state and employer. Many construction workers, make an average of $1,400 every two weeks.


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A construction worker may make an average of $25,000 - $54,000 per year.

A construction worker in the 1930s could make a salary of about $900 per year. That is equal to a monthly salary of about $75.

A construction worker makes around 55,000 dollars a year. They have the possibility of working overtime and making time and a half as well.

IN Georgia most construction workers make 5K or more

Road construction workers can expect to make about 700 to 1,400 dollars per week during the construction season. In northern states, construction is halted or minimal.

8,000$ every two weeks 8,000$ every two weeks

Depends if you work in a company and your skills in constructing.

a construction worker makes about 70,ooo to 90,ooo per year my dad make 100,ooo per year and the ower gets to have 99% of the money the ower make 300.00 per year

The tar seeped through the ground when the construction worker dug a hole.

They get paid on average 200,000 to 500,000 a year

750 every two weeks; there are 52 weeks in ayear or 26 pay periods; 26 x 750 = 19,500 per year

The ribosome in a cell can be compared to a construction worker. They make all kinds of things for the cell to use.

Every job has it own particular requirements. There is no one set of skills and abilities which would make you a perfect worker for every job.

52 Weeks in a year - so at 50k a year your making "about" 1,923.07 every 2 weeks.

If you earn $77,000 annually, that will equate to about $2,961 gross every 2 weeks and you can expect to net around $2,100 every 2 weeks.

if your an grown up you can work as an construction worker for a kid you can do something really special for someone.

Males typically make more money than females in the same jobs. For example, a male constructio worker would probably make more than a female construction worker doing the same job.

The construction worker rescued the woman from the raging river and carried her to safety. If we do not rescue the woman she may drown.

It depends, but an average could be about 1,800.00 pesos that is more or less $ 145.00 USDlls.

Depending on whether you are an independent contractor or a sub-contractor for an HSP (home service provider) you can make between 1200-2800 every two weeks.

$200 divided by $20 is 10. Since you only get it every other week, it will take you 20 weeks.

It all depends on the location and if you're unionized or not. I'm in Local 1010 in NYC and wages for laborers are at $38/hr.

Earn $62.50 every week for four weeks. Easy as that.

12 million every 2 weeks!

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