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well i think its fairly obvious that it depends on the donkey
miniatures weigh about 100kg, 12 hand high ones weigh about 200kg, mammoth jack stock about 400kg

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How can you tell how much your donkey weighs?

Weigh your donkey.

How much does a donkey weigh in POUNDS?

Most donkeys will weigh about 500-700 pounds.

How much does a donkey largest donkey weigh?

We have a donkey (male) that has a height at the withers of 1m36. He weighs about 350kgs. We had a donkey (female) that had a height at the withers of 1m10. She weighed 174kgs.

How much is the weight of a donkey?

They weigh from 370 kg to 420 kg.

How much or little can a donkey weigh?

An adult can range from 400 to 900 pounds. how long dose it take a donkey to grow

What does a newborn donkey weigh?


How much does the average sized donkey weigh?

The weight of donkeys ranges up to 570 pounds. The average donkey is approximately 11 hands high and weighs 350 pounds.

How much does a baby donkey weigh at birth?

Baby donkeys are different weights at birth depending on the type of donkeys they are and the size of their parents. However, the average weight of a baby donkey is anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds.

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why do you want to eat donkey meat?

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