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How much does a doula cost during pregnancy?

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2011-09-13 03:37:49

It depends greatly on the qualifications of the doula, the

services you want (how much time you will want her to spend with

you), geographic areas, etc. In my area, the Pacific Northwest,

doulas run around $250-600, but in big cities such as Seattle, SF,

LA, etc., they could run upwards of $1200-1500. Try this website

and call some doulas in your area for specific prices. Good luck.

In the Missouri area it runs between $300 - $700 depending on

qualifications & certifications, as well as experience. However

we do have a LOT of Doulas in the area that are willing to work on

a sliding scale, or who accept payment plans, or even a few who

volunteer their services. A lot of towns/cities have a Doula group

where any Doulas in the area can join & you can access a data

base of them. I would recommend that you Google Doulas in your

specific town then get in touch with the president of the group

& let her know your price range....she will know who is in her

group and can usually set you up with several women that you can

then interview yourself. Many have websites of their own or a group

website where you can find out tons of information about them. I

know Missouri's is There are also

groups in the Chicago area & I know their price range is

between $750 - $1500 You can also check with your insurance company

& see if they would cover all or part of the cost of your

Doula, some will do third party reimbursement! Finally you can

always look for a "student" Doula, this is someone who has all of

their training done but needs to attend a certain number of births

in order to achieve their certification, most will do your birth

for free or for a VERY reduced rate in exchange for you agreeing to

fill out their evaluation form (usually 5 questions). They have all

of the same training that a certified Doula has however they do not

have the experience. You can find more information about Doula

services & the benefits of using a Doula on my personal


I hope that was helpful!?

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