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How much does a famous musician make?


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World class classical soloists can make upwards of $50,000 per concert.

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if you were a famous musician you would make about £50,000 a concert! Or if you were a street musician you would maybe make about £78-£100.

That depends on how famous you get (not how good you are). Fame pays handsomely, especially in pop music.

if your famous then try millions... :?

Celia Cruz is the most famous musician from Cuba

He is a famous musician because he had so much talent. He also is a great singer and instrumentalist. He was noticed by Ronnie White. He showed an early gift for music.

A beginner musician will make about $28.28 a month. An average musician will make about $300 a month A very popular musician will make $1650 a month! If you are a teacher, you can charge $10-$25 per lesson.

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The average musician makes 66,000 dollars a year. Although most musicians do not make enough salary to really live on.

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Sure! Gibson and Epiphone both have popular double neck models. You don't have to be a famous musician to own one but you might need to be a famous musician to afford one!

depends on the musician

It depends on the popularity and management of the musician and the situation they have.

the average amount is $14.83 US dollars

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