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World class classical soloists can make upwards of $50,000 per concert.

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Q: How much does a famous musician make?
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How much money does a musician make?

if you were a famous musician you would make about £50,000 a concert! Or if you were a street musician you would maybe make about £78-£100.

How much money do you make for musician?

That depends on how famous you get (not how good you are). Fame pays handsomely, especially in pop music.

How much do they pay you for being a musician?

if your famous then try millions... :?

What made Stevie wonder a famous musician?

He is a famous musician because he had so much talent. He also is a great singer and instrumentalist. He was noticed by Ronnie White. He showed an early gift for music.

Who is the most famous musician from Cuba?

Celia Cruz is the most famous musician from Cuba

How much money does a musician make yearly?

The average musician makes 66,000 dollars a year. Although most musicians do not make enough salary to really live on.

Who is a famous musician from the Dominican Republic?

Some famous musician of the Dominican Republic are Juan Luis Guerra and Aventura Group.

Can you buy a double neck guitar if you're not a famous musician?

Sure! Gibson and Epiphone both have popular double neck models. You don't have to be a famous musician to own one but you might need to be a famous musician to afford one!

Why is john coltrane famous?

He was a famous jazz musician.

How much money do musicians make per year?

A beginner musician will make about $28.28 a month. An average musician will make about $300 a month A very popular musician will make $1650 a month! If you are a teacher, you can charge $10-$25 per lesson.

Who is a famous saxophone musician from Canada?

miles Davis was one of the worlds top saxophone musicians and was a famous saxophone musician in Canada...

What is Nicho Hinojosa famous for?

Nico Hinojosa is famous for many things. Nico Hinojosa is famous for being a musician. The musician Nico Hinojosa is a Spanish song writer and a guitarist.

How much does a musician make?

Depends on how good they are!

How much do musicians make a year?

It depends on the popularity and management of the musician and the situation they have.

How much does a musician make in a year?

the average amount is $14.83 US dollars

What is a famous musician from Poland?


What was Bruce springsteen famous for?

He is a musician.

Who is the most famous musician?


Who is a famous Australian musician?

The Veronicas

What did seal do to become famous?

because he's a musician.

Who is the famous musician with the initials dd?

Desmond Dekker

What were the famous musicians in South Korea?

one famous musician was yiruma

How Neil Young became famous?

Neil young was a famous musician.

What famous woman musician is from benin and has also produced music with American musician?

Angelic Kidjo

Who are the 5 most world famous people?

John F. Kennedy was famous for being president. David Beckham is a famous football player. Michael Jackson was a famous pop musician. John Lennon was a famous English musician. Michael Jordon is a famous basketball player.